Modge Podge.

Yep. I am alive. 
I know. I know.
Ya'll missed me so! ;) 
I am sorry that I haven't blogged in over a week.
Such a busy, jam-packed FUN FUN FUN week!

I have SO many things to blog about this week....
So be sure to check back a couple times a day! 
I might just be putting more than 1 a day! :) :) :) 
(moving on)

I am a SLACK-errrrrrrrr with my Bachelorette Blog Tuesday.
So, Here... I've missed a couple weeks. 
Let's talk about last night.

Some random thoughts going through my mind while watching this episode.

Wow. Alli is bipolar.
Did she mean for her hair to look like that?
I hope her skirt doesn't CATCH the wind.
If she doesn't know what to say, Go for a kiss.
She better pick Chris.
Team Roberto/MAN THIGH No more.
Maybe I'm bipolar?
How many castles are in this CITY?
I wish I lived in a castle.
Wait. Who am I kidding. I hate to stay alone in my 2 bedroom/bathroom cottage home.
Ty is gone. Not surprised. 
White girls do not know how to wear weaves. 
Is it time for the next season of the Bachelor?
OOO! Next week looks like  it's going to be a DOOZY! 

Jake & Vienne.
Really? We are surprised? I don't think so. Jake the SNAKE is horrible. I CANNOT get over his SNAPPY attitude last night. 
I'm annoyed with them both.

Best line of last nights episode:

Chris Harrison:
"We don't care about your dog."

I'm serious. I think I am going to make a T-shirt.
"We don't care about your dog."

Who wants one?

I am not SHOCKED by this breakup at all.
I am annoyed with both of them.
But Jake the Snake was pretty rude to a SOBBING girl last night.
I mean, AFTER ALL, HE WAS THE ONE that picked that girl!!

Alright, ladies? What are you thinking?
What are you thoughts about this episode?

Love ya'll!

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  1. YOU DID HAVE QUITTEE THE WEEK! Glad you are back! I missed you :( :( Can't wait to see pictures from your busy week and some of LIBBY LO!? I appreciate you and your genuine-ness. It is contagious!

  2. Dude the we dont care about your dog, was HILARIOUS! Jake and Vienna are so annoying that was like the stupidest thing to put them on there, it showed NOTHING!

  3. I am literally LAUGHING OUT LOUD! Sign me up for a t-shirt! She was annoying with her interruptions, but I did feel bad for her. Maybe she kept doing that to emberass him and get her final say in?? I dunno. He seems so fake to me.
    BTW- so glad you are alive!


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