Modge Podge Monday.

This week my husband and I will be taking 39 youth leaders & youth kids to Kansas City for a YOUTH CONFERENCE.  
 It's going to be a crazy GOOD time in the LORD! The CRAZY part?
Me = taking my almost 11 month old son, T*!  I'm sure he will do wonderful! It's just the nap times that worry me!!! 
Anywayzzzzzz. I am excited to go back & see all my old friends from "Antioch Days".  Zach and I met at Antioch Church while attending Master's Commission. We will be seeing pretty much everyone!

I got to help shoot a wedding this past weekend before BRANCHING out all by myself next weekend for my 1st official SOLO wedding. Boy! I am ANXIOUS & getting SO excited!

You can see MORE pictures at my PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG
But here is 1 photo from this weekend.

My life has been SUPA' crazy for a while now. It really has. It's been a WHIRLWIND. I've been shooting, editing, homemaking, etc. etc. BEING A WIFE & mom. etc etc etc. 
I just have to stop and remember to TAKE A DEEP breath right now... in this moment...
I feel so much better when I do. 

I am SO annoyed with this season. 
I found it just ridiculous that Ali was ALLLLLL UPSET at Frank.
I'm sorry that HE FOUND LOVE and that you didn't!
Ali is just plain annoying. I was never a fan on the bachelor... and now I remember why.

I do hope they get a new FACE for the Bachelor. I'm hoping for someone different and unique. 
But all in all. 
this season is just..... horrid. 

I have to get off and GET BOOKIN.
I have so much to do ya'll. 

oil change for my car
clean out my car
mail out CD's for clients
pack for me
pack for the Mr.
pack for Mr. T. 
Get snack food/cooler food for us.
Get sleeping gear.

Off to get my list DONE.
HOLLA--errrr. :) 

GUEST post from Kate @ Mommy Monologues :) 

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  1. Good luck getting everything done! You are such a fabulous photographer, wife, mommy, and support to your church!

    You are just super woman! I swear it!


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