July is thee busiest month for my growing family!  Not joking. We have had visitors NON STOP since June 28th. Also, NOT JOKING. :) Things are finally starting to slooowwww down for a little while so I can breathe.... 

well... uhh... for a while. Because then, WEDDING SEASON STARTS! :) WOOP WOOP! I have my 1st wedding DAY SOLO June 30th. I am excited to see my friend, Audra and her man, heath and their baby doggie-BELLA! :)  Audra is one of the ETERNAL friends. We are "F. S.'s..." Festive Sisters. ALWAYS and forevaaa. She is one TALENTED GIRL. Check out her website HERE. She is BEYOND an inspiration to me! I am SOOO happy she is going to be "holding my hand" on this 1st SOLO wedding! (I guess it's not COMPLETELY solo. THANK YA, LAWWRD!) 

Here is what has been going on lately... 

Meet the BROWN Family. :) 

What an awesome family this is. They are REAL and RAW and THEE sweetest kids you will ever meet! I PRAY that T* turns out like Josiah and Titus. They are theeee sweeettteeessstttt family.


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