I feel American when I.....

{4th weekend recap}
Go to the 4th of July parade our town puts on.

I wear Red.

Look in the back yard & see my husband playing with our Golden Retriever, Vixen.

See Fireworks.
(which will be coming this weekend, due to RAIN)

When I look and see my garden coming to life.

Go to the Beach during the day & the Carnival by night.
(didn't get any pics of the carnival. too scared to take my hands off of T* due to the SCARY Carnival people)

Enjoy my Freedom.

go Strawberry picking.
i heart iowa.

I see my husband by his OLD 1989 FORD truck.

See my husband being so happy about his job & what the FUTURE holds!

on a DAY date with my husband.

I guess being American also means BLESSED.
Because these are all blessings in my life.

I am one blessed girl.

What are you blessed with?
What makes you an AMERICAN GIRL?

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  1. Hey!! Thanks for stopping by. Your little man is cute too. :) Yay for bab boys!!

    I am blessed because I have Kingston in my life and i'm an american girl because it can't be a 4th of July without a hotdog and hamburger. haha

  2. This is a beautiful post! :)

    What great blessings in your life.

    I feel most american, when I look out my window and see the American flag flying in our front yard. Open my bible. Kiss my son goodnight, and when I am free to speak my mind on my blog.

  3. I sure love you two!!! Oh and the little bub too - must not forget that :(

  4. And that was meant to be a :) face!! lol

  5. I really loved this post!! I just agreee!!!


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