What gets me through my cleaning days.

My laundry is almost done! My kitchen is clean. My living room needs me to put away the clothes that are sitting on the couch.


Why is putting away clothes the 1 thing I loathe the most about house cleaning?

Something you should know about B*.

1) I hate putting away clothes.
2) I love old movies!
3) I LOVE LOVE LOVE Doris Day!

I thought that THIS song would bring a smile to your face!

:) because it sure helps me when I am cleaning... putting away clothes.

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  1. OMG, You just brought me back to my childhood watching Doris Day with my mom...loved those days! Those and the Tammy movies (who I was named after, believe it or not). I hate putting laundry away too!! The very worst! My house was cleaned the other day but not so much after a few days of daily living. Grrr...

    Thanks for linking up again this week with us. I really enjoy your blog girl!

  2. Heehee! That's totally my issue with cleaning to. That and doing the laundry itself!! That cracked me up! Thanks for sharing! Stopping by and following from Tammy's and Deb's Thursday Friends!

  3. i agree. i don't like going up the stairs carrying a bunch of clothes too...lol.

  4. I love old movies too, I'm addicted to the TCM channel..

  5. I am the EXACT same way! I can fold clothes, I just HATE putting them away! in fact there is a basket full of clothes needing my attention right now!

  6. I HATE laundry in general. And right now it is piled up in my room and ashamedly to say I am not even sure what is clean and dirty any more. sigh. =)

  7. I hate putting away clothes too!!! I don't mind the washing and the folding though. I'm loving your blog. thanks for stopping over and commenting and pointing me your way.



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