Superman loves me.


We all have one in our lives.
My Superman can do anything, except sing.
I'm serious.
He can do any type of backflip.
He can do any dance move.
He can build anything.
He can fix anything. 
He can make any type of food.
He can clean.
He can work at any job.
{salesman- junk collector-minister-discipleship leader}

He can do anything. 
He is the BEST daddy!
He loves T* & I.
He PROVIDES for us.
He is close to the Lord.
He wants HIS HOUSE to live for the Lord.

He is our SUPERMAN.
We LOVE you, Zach! 

Thank you so much for loving us with a LOVE that comes STRAIGHT from our FATHER!
You didn't have the "best" example of an earthly father, but it has not held you back to be the MAN OF GOD you are called to be for our family & our church family.

HAPPY 1st Father's Day.

T* loves you.

Love, B*

Dear Daddy,

Love, T*

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  1. WHAT a beautiful letter!

    I am in love with your first picture! :)) so cute!

  2. my hubby said that the first daddy's day is ALWAYS the best one. happy father's day to superman :)

  3. Awwww Happy Fathers Day Zach!

  4. Aw, I just love this!! And Happy Father's Day to Zach :) And amazing father he is indeed!

  5. Happy First Father's Day! I hope it's a great day! Congrats to you both on a beautiful little boy!

    I love that you call him Superman--Todd is my Superman! It's great to have one of those isn't it?!

  6. I LOVE THAT YOU SAID SUPERMAN LOVES ME!!!!!!!!!!! AWEEE!! Z is superman!!

  7. y'all are absolutely precious!


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