Our Love Story with Pictures & Words.

Once upon a time there was a girl named,


She was Blonde, Bubbly, LOVED TO SING, pretty DRAMATIC, & destined for GREAT THINGS.

One day she noticed a GOOD LOOKING, tall, dark, young man with a bandana around his wrist.(oh. cause you know... it was his style).

This young man could dance like NO BODY'S business.
not joking.
He was handsome, out going, LOVED PEOPLE, & was destined for GREAT THINGS.

They noticed each other & 
Fell in love.
You could, kinda say, uhhh, that we they
FELL for each other.

Love. Love. Love.
Fox. Love.
They dated for a couple months.
They were engaged for a year.
They were married on a beautiful August day.
They were married for 5 months....
& then the Lord blessed them.
Little did they know....
A little FOX was on his way into their lives.
To bring in the new year, B* decided to go take a pregnancy test, because she was not feeling the best. was throwing up SICK and could not get out of bed.
January 1, 2009.
They found out they were going to have a baby.

September 5, 2009. 
Tristan Fox came into their lives.

He is FULL OF LIFE(just like his daddy) & loves to "walk" & is DESTINED for GREAT THINGS.

He is BEYOND beautiful & loves to "sing & talk"....

They became the FOX FAMILY.

They are youth Pastors in Iowa.
They are building on B*'s daddy's legacy.
You see, Paul, (B*'s daddy) is a Pastor.
He has been a PASTOR for over 25 years there.
They are the YOUTH Pastors at the Gospel Lighthouse Church.
We have a STRONG faith because we have a STRONG GOD.
Here is Tristan with his Bible. They are walking to church one SUNDAY morning.

Some are called to Africa.
Some are called to India.
Some are called to New York.

We are called to Iowa. 

We are the Foxes.
We LOVE GOD. people. family. ministry. our home. music. dancing. our youth group. photography. art. reading. gardening. building projects. 
& many other things.

We are the ALL-American CHRISTIAN Family & strive to be that way.

We were not complete without each other.

But sure are whole now.

We love serving a BIG GOD.
In a SMALL town.
HE is doing
in this SMALL church.

Greater things are yet to come.

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P.S. this is written before the last blog was posted. 
NOTE: My house is getting better after my 2 hour WORK TO THE BONE... :) 
prayers are welcome. 


  1. What a beautiful family! I really enjoyed reading your love story and you guys have such wonderful pictures. Thanks for the comment on my blog! :)

  2. I love all of your pictures and your son is stinkin cute. I gave you an award today, you deserve it being as beautiful as you are =)

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  4. New follower from Follow Me Back Tuesday. Love the story... so cute! And your pictures are great.
    Stop by some time.

  5. LOVE THIS!!! God is such a romantic God! ;) My daddy and mommy are youth pastors, and my hubby and I have started a youth group for 5th and 6th graders. =) We are kindred spirits!!

  6. I just love ya lady!! What a gorgeous family... seriously!
    I love your story - you two are an inspiration!

  7. haha this post was super cute
    your family is BEAUTIFUL and you can just see the happiness you hold! :)


  8. beautiful photos. still cant believe you guys are pastors at such a young age. i think that's amazing.

  9. New Follower on Twitter & my RSS reader from FMBT!! Do you have Google Friend Connect?

    Your family is adorable!! I love the pictures!!!

  10. I {{heart}} reading LOVE stories, especially when the Lord is right in the center! Your little man is SO stinkin' cute! :0)

    And, yes, many are called to serve in far, far away places, but there are SO many needed right here in the good ole US of A! In Matthew it tells us, 'The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.' and I know that is equally true here in our great Nation as it is in those far away lands. I'm thankful you and your husband have heeded the call and are ministering to the people of Iowa. They will surely be blessed!

    Hope you and your precious family are having a wonderful week!


    Teresa <><

    ♥ Too Many Heartbeats ♥

  11. followed you! follow me!


    and i added your button to my blog! add mine too!

  12. I love your story! God is SO good and always faithful! :)


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