I'll be the one to say it....

Yesterday, i was M.I.A. due to this MAJOR hottie below. 

He is 24 years of age now.
Can you believe it?
I sure can't. 
Seems like just yesterday I met him and he was 18. 
Love at first sight.
You don't believe in LOVE at first sight?
I believe in "Hear your future husbands name and your belly finds itself with 10 extra butterflies in there roaming around-- ready to do flips off the diving board love." 
Yep. That happened.
I was in my 2nd year in Master's Commission Kansas City.
I prayed that the next person I would date would be my future hubby. 
I don't believe in "dating around to find the one!" 
too many horror stories. EEEK!
One of my 1st years--> Mandy called me over and asked,
"B* is it too late for my friend to come to Master's?"
I said, "I don't think so, but that is not up to me, that's up to our directors."
I said, "What is your friends name?"
{to ask my directors about it later that day}
She replies with, "Zacharia David Fox."
My stomach did a BACK FLIP.
The rest is HISTORY.
He stole my heart.
I stole his sweatshirt.
Love was and still is in the air.
We will be celebrating our 2 year in August.
I am so excited. 
Love is such a wonderful thing, isn't it?
Z* brings out the best in me and the worst in me. :)
He can make me feel like I am the only person in the world...
He can make me feel SO MAD I COULD THROW SOMETHING AT HIM.(haven't ever felt that way? must be my temper) 
Something I have learned in my MANY few years of marriage.
Love Is Simple.
(although at times your heart tells you that)
Zach is one of theeeeee most generous, UNSELFISH, loving, husband & father I know. 
LOVE comes down to simplicity.
Love is not complicated.
Love is not being rude or getting over possessive.
Love is Jesus.
THAT in itself is going to take me mannnny more years of marriage to figure it all out. 

Note: We are at a stop light.

I have a video to share with you. Please let me know if it does not work. 
A song I wrote & have all copyrights to. 
:) Working on CD & it will ready in July. :) 
You want one?
Email me @ ---> Bekafox9@gmail.com 
They will be $10
Here is 1 that will be on there. 
I love music more than photography. GASSP*
HERE.{full song not on there due to copyright}

ALSO: Be sure to check out my updated photography website.
My friend, Audra surprised me & did it. :) She created it all...talented. I love her so much! 

Speaking of surprises.
I have accomplished something that I never thought I would have accomplished. 
I surprised my husband on his BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

2. He is a SMARTY and usually figures it out.
3. He is SUPERMAN.
so anything and everything I get him for his Birthday, Christmas, etc. etc. 
... he can see RIGHT through it and the surprise is ruined. :( 

I went and got my sister in law, Abby & my hairstylist/my sister's BFF/my good friend, Brittany....
BOTH are artsy people. 
They helped me SPICE up Zach's new office.
Z* has a church office.
The look on his face was PRICELESS.
I can't get over it.
In TOTAL SHOCK. The picture will prove it.

finishing touches.
Yep. Beautiful....

He was still in some shock here. :) 
But I was ON TOP OF THE WORLD(pun intended) 
b/c I just SURPRISED HIM!!!!

He told me..."It was his best birthday present ever!"


Some people are called to Africa.
Some people are called to India.
Dominican Republic.
New York.
We are called to IOWA. :)
Our hearts belong here.
Our vision & dreams are bring born here.
Our children will be raised here.
We are building on our Father's Legacy. 

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P.S. Bachelorette blog coming soon. :)


  1. I wondered what the it was! That's awesome! SO SO SO happy for Z to have his office done! Going to have to take a look tomorrow night! :)

  2. That was such a sweet post! I believe that God brings two people together and they were meant to be! Terence and I only really dated each other and I don't ever regret that because he truly is my ONE and only! I'm glad you pulled off a surprise for him...I know how it feels to never get away with it so when you do it's exciting :) woohoo!

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    Hop over to my pad and subscribe! I've got a great giveaway ending tonight. Check it out :-)


    Melissa ~ Hostess from A little of this A little of that...


  4. LOVE THIS POST! Wayyyyy to go. Surprises are quite hard, for sure!

    I wanted to listen to the song, but it was posted via facebook. Do you have another link?? {i can't get on facebook @ work} I AM SURE IT IS BEAUTIFUL AND I WANT A CD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love you!! I am so blessed to have you as a friend in real life not just blog world. LOVE <3

  5. I love love love love love this post... did I mention LOVE!?
    So sweet... and I just love pure and perfect love. (Not perfect marriage of course... but perfect love)
    I can't listen to the song either because I don't have a facebook account (I know, I know... absolute madness right!?)
    I can't wait to hear it though!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. BEKA!!!:) I love this.
    I love your blog...
    and I am jealous I dont blog.
    (except for my yearly reports!) HAHA!!:)

    LOVE YOU!!!!!

    P.s. I am happy i am those 3 things Hairstylist, sisters BFF.. and your good friend:) But i should be probably like 10 things to you.
    Haha JK JK:)

  8. What beautiful pictures, beautiful couple, and a beautiful birthday! So exciting that you surprised him!

    I'm in MN, but moving to IA shortly. (currently in IA waiting to leave for FL)! BUT I LOVE it here! :) It has a special place in my heart!

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  10. LIKE this ALOT :) Good job :)

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