Frazzled Week. :)

My brain is frazzled. (aka-fried)

My sister is still in the hospital.
She won't be coming home for 4-6 days.
She IS doing better, I got to talk to her on the phone & she seemed a little bit on the UP side. (her normal self) 
Easton in mommy's arms.
HE is her strength right now.

But on a "Lets see what B* has been up to this past week* note.
here it is.

Tristan is my strength & joy.
God sure knew what he was doing with this little surprise. 
He is such a delight. 
So. Tristan loves the water.
Since it has been SWELTERING hot here in the MIDWEST.
1 of my Bestie's, RUTH ANN was taking her 4 kids to the "Love Lake", SO I decided to tag along.
Tristan LOVED the SUN & water.
wasn't sure about the...
So we decided to take a snack break.
(& he has pale skin like his mamma)

In the shade for some snacks...

waterrrrrrrr. :) 
Then, came along H*, T*'s girlfriend....

She is so sweet. 

NOTE: I put her hat like GOMER PILE so I could see her little sweet angel face. ;)
Sorry Ruth ANN!

Came home... & started to put things BACK TOGETHER....
See my floors?
(please ignore all the diaper/beach bags lying around)
Lets take a lookey at the DURING PROCESS.

OK. Ending on a GOOD NOTE.
HERE is another shot of the BEAUTIFUL floor....

Photo taken by Bethany* :) 
that's her husbands foot.

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  1. Yes. I KNEW when you got that camera out and I said "NO face shots I have hospital hair" that you wouldn't listen. BUT, just to be able to see my boy...makes my sick face ok.

  2. Beautiful photos...just great.
    I DO hope your Sister is feeling better soon, that must be hard on the entire family.
    Take care,

  3. love the floors!!!

    i hope things are getting better :)


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