Deep Roots.


This is my cross necklace from my Granny Phillips.
I inherited it when she passed away.
The story behind it is MAGICAL. :)
But 1st.
MEET Granny Phillips

Meet Papaw

To give a little background.
My Papaw was very poor, but worked sooo hard. The day he proposed to Granny was the day he gave her this necklace.
My Granny & Papaw were married June 28, 1940. 

My Papaw was a POW in WWII.
He had 2 sons when he left to fight.
He promised the Lord while in prison camps that if he would be free & back with his family that they would go to church EVERY TIME the doors were open.
The Lord heard him & spared his life.
Coming back to the US weighing only 90 lbs.
He saw his family & on the 1st Sunday back...
He got the 2 boys up & ready for Sunday School & Church.
He told Granny, "We are going to be going to church more often."
Granny didn't question him. She knew he was a changed man.

He did keep that promise to the Lord.
Every time the doors were open- they were there.
Granny & Papaw went on to have 2 more sons, Paul & Don.
Paul is my daddy. 
They are both pastors now.
1 serving his church in Arkansas
1 serving here in Iowa. 
Both knew at a very, very young age that they were to be pastors.

Do you see what happens when you listen to God?
Do you see what happens to the generations after you?
Do you see what CAN HAPPEN for you and your family if you are serving God completely?

Every time I look at this necklace, I don't only think & ache for my grandparents, but I think about what I need to be doing & teaching my son, Tristan.

I think about the "fleeces" I have thrown out to God & all the promises I have made with Him.
I think about how I need to stay true to those promises & most importantly, HIM.

I was thinking about my Papaw & everything he must have gone through while a prisoner of war. 
His mind.
His heart.
HIS body.
Seeing His friends die over there.

It made me think of Moses & the Promised Land. 
(which seems to be showing up a lot in my devotions lately) 
Moses went through a desert...
with people that grumbled A LOT!
But he kept on.
His FAITH kept him going...He KNEW that God would not fail him.

Down through the ages there have always been those who obeyed, not seeing but believing, and their faith was rewarded. 

Is it this way with you?

If not, what WE need to do is this...
Rise ABOVE & beyond your fears and fancies into HIS JOY. It will begin to heal all your sores & wounds. Forget the sense of failure and shortcomings, all the painful bumps in the roads... & trust Jesus.
Your discipleship is an obstacle race. 
Obtain not only your hearts desires, but OBTAIN HIM!

Feel encouraged today friends. 
YOU... right now can be the DIFFERENCE in your family.
You can change your family's future. 

Run with Faith.
Let's run together!

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  1. That's such an amazing story...truly touching. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS BEAUTIFUL :) Thank you for sharing such a rich story. God rewards those who stay faithful and true to promises. It is such a lovely thing!

  3. I love this post..
    What an amazing grandfather... and such a touching story. I love it :)

  4. thanks for finding me!!!
    this post gave me goosebumps. right on, sister.
    and by the way, you look alot like your Granny. alot!
    you have an adorable little boy too!
    will be back!

  5. LOVE this!!!! LOVE both Granny and Papaw! This story never gets old!

  6. what a fabulous story, i just love this :) thank you for sharing, and way to go spreading the family genealogy!! :)


  7. This is sooo precious, Beka!!! They would be so proud of you and love little T. :)


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