Confessions of a new mom.{Monday}

Confessional Monday.


I have not blogged today due to my sister, Rachel, having a gall bladder attack and being RUSHED to the ER and come to find out she had apendicitis ON TOP OF IT ALL.
poor sissy.

She has an ALMOST 3 month old baby, Easton. Who my mom and I are taking care of until  my sister can... PLEASE be praying for her! She had an MRI done today to see if the stones have passed through her duct, but we don't know anything until tomorrow. She isn't in TOO Much pain right now because she is on MORPHINE.  Pray. Pray. PRAY! 

I forgot to put on deodorant today & while at lunch I could smell the side-effects. Now... BEFORE I had T* I would forget to put it on and not smell or FEEL any effects. How odd is that? I tell ya, your body NEVER goes back to normal. EVER. 

ALL for the LOVE OF A SISTER.(reason why i forgot-rushing to the hospital) 


We, meaning my husband, is working on my WOOD FLOORS in the living room! AHHH! Can you believe it?! I FINALLY AM GETTING WOOD FLOORS!  WOOO WOOOOO WOOO

Here is a little glimpse of what my KITCHEN looks like. :) HELP ME LORD!

can you find my husband?


After being with my perfect WITTLE HANDSOME nephew, I want another baby.
WOW. I thought I would never say that for...well...uhh... a couple more months. ;) ... but, I really do. Easton is PERFECTION in a little body!


It's okay. I know I am...


I miss my sister, Libby so much that I could cry myself to sleep.
Who has a sister that lives far away? Do you miss her? Is she your BFFFFFFF too? My sisters are my BFFFFFFFF's! 
I need my baby sister here... to help me take care of "Super sis" as my husband calls RACHEL! :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY SISTERS!!!!!!!
I'm the CREAM filling of the bunch! :)
We are the PHILLIPS GIRLS. Forever.
NO MATTER WHAT our last name is.
We will always be PHILLIPS.
I love you Rachel Michelle & Libby Lois! :)


You can put your comment anonymous or keep it and tell the world(okay, just me and my blog-ladies) what your CONFESSIONAL is!

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  1. I'll be praying for your sister! So sweet of you to watch that super hunky boy!

    I have two wonderful sisters as well. We didn't get along when we were younger, but now that we are older (and living in three states spread out across the us...) we have SO much fun together!

    Aint' it the truth, our bodies are NEVER the same! But isn't it worth it! :) I"ll give up wearing a bikini forever for my nightly cuddle bug sessions!

  2. I'll be praying for your sister.

    My confession today: After playing with my fiance's nephew and 2 nieces, I want a baby, too!

    Also, I gave you an award! Come get it:

  3. I hope your sister gets better soon! Yay for Morphine though, I wouldn't know what to do without when I had kidney stones. I'll be praying for her!

  4. I am praying for your sister lovely lady!!! How scary... I hope they can fix her up in no time so she can be back with her cutie-pah-tootie baby!!
    (And just looking at those pics makes me want another one NOW!)

    Hmmmmm... my confession...

    I was really hoping that the kiddos dad was taking them tonight (he was supposed to) so I could go and watch The Bachelorette at a friends. We ended up having a perfect night together and lots of snuggling involved so it worked out much better. I am going to just have to watch it tomorrow night on the computer :)

    I also confess that today was the third day in a row that I lay out in the sun as long as it was shining down in my backyard. I am getting nice and toasty brown... probably not healthy for the skin but my soul feels filled up with happiness!!

    There we have it. Now you keep us posted on what's going on with your sister okay? Oh and I LOVE that picture of the three of you - gorgeous ladies I tell ya!

  5. oh i love your blog too! thank you for finding mine so i could find yours :) sorry about your sis :( i am appendix-less too, so i feel her pain. Love the picture of your kitchen, haha laughed really hard when i saw your husbands head peaking up in the back corner :) my confession is i have a 7 month old and i already want another one :) good thing my husband does too :) this is a fun game, i will have to come by next week to confess again :)

  6. hugs and prayers. my sister lives oceans away (in another country) from me, and i miss her a LOT.

  7. ooh, i hope your sister gets better soon...and that here baby wont give you a hard time.

  8. I hope your sis is doing better. My sis lives in New Zealand. :(. She was here for 3 months and just left back to NZ a couple weeks ago. Sad.

  9. I too have a sister who lives far away and was able to see her recently and it was AMAZING!
    Praying for your SWEET sister and she is so blessed to have her family help with her adorable little boy :)
    My Monday confession is: I am now hooked on Bacholorette!


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