Confessions of a new mom.{Monday}

Pictures by b*prettyphotography.

2 photo sessions.
1 concert.
A teething baby.
Catch up with old friends.

My house is a DISASTER.

Let's not talk about the MOUNTAIN of laundry that is waiting for me.
Ladies. I am not going to blog for a couple days, OR until my house is back to normal.
You will be missed. Just pray I can get this house back together in LIGHTNING SPEED. I have so much editing to do as well. 

No stress... Just needing to remember to BREATHE. 

My house is upset with me...
It's ugly. 

I will leave you with something BEAUTIFUL that was from my weekend. 

And as the "WAYY over polite waitress' say..."


{i was one of those waitresses at one time.}

I am now finished with Eliza's pictures. 

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  1. Oh no! How I will miss you... are you watching The Bachelorette tonight?! Are we going to get a run-down?! Eek! What am I to do??
    And you think I am joking.
    Okay fine, I will stop being selfish and let you get your house together ;)
    Hurry back though okay!?


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