The Book I am READING....

Uncommon Women.

of course I would wear something different than this girl. 
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I have been reading this book for the past couple months, I've been reading it rather slowly because I want to TAKE. EVERYTHING. IN.
This book is not for the common woman. 
It is for the woman that DARES to be different.
(you all know we want to be different.)
That DARES to not let FEAR, ANGER, PEOPLE, stand in her way with her relationship with God.
I've decided I want to be an UNCOMMON WOMAN.
I want to STRIVE in my prayer life.
I want a CLOSE relationship with God.
I don't want to be the "normal" mom, or the "normal" wife, sister, best friend, worshipper, MC director.
I want to be different.
I want to LOVE my husband with everything.
I want to raise my son holding nothing back. 

I want to speak softly, instead of anger.
 I want to speak in LOVE instead of hate.
 I want to be patient with people, instead of get annoyed at the very sight of them.
 (i have a hard time with this!) 

We all have many things in our lives that make us UNCOMMON. :)
We need to use those things to become the WOMEN God has called us to be.
God has called us to LOVE. God has called us to be PATIENT. God has called us to be ONE.
Instead of COMPARE(oooh! You know it even happens on BLOG world!
They have more friends.
They have more comments.


Ready. Set. GO.
I am going to ask Ya'll if you would like to share something on my BLOG(guest blog) about your life, journey, childhood, adventure, etc. etc. 
I love this blog world. 
I really do. I have made some friends on here for life. 
WE, as women, need to come together and UNITE & not worry about what size of pants we wear, the size of our diamond, house, family,  bank account, etc. 
Come together & see that we are all wanting the same thing.

To be Loved.
To be Unique.

Sooooooooooo. With that being said...

What makes you UNCOMMON!?
What is something you struggle with?

Only rules are these.
Keep it Pure.
Keep it REAL.
Keep it RAW.

Got it? If YOU are interested in GUEST BLOGGING on my Blog. 
Let me know ---> 
and LEAVE a comment below. :) 

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  1. I am going to email you about guest blogging!

  2. your photos and blog are wonderful! i must follow along ;)

  3. love this, i am gonna have to check out this book! what makes me uncommon is i have ADD, its both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes i feel really conflicted by it, but most times i kinda love it. Fun post :) thanks for sharing!

  4. Sounds like an excellent book that I would really love... I'm going to have to check it out. I love your transparency in this post. Your heart really shines through! I would really be interested in doing a guest post. I think we could all use a little more transparency in our lives. :-)

  5. inspirational post! thank you! i needed that today! :)

  6. i love love this post beka!! And i love you!
    So encouraged sweetie;)

  7. Rocked my world...this book. UGH. I found myself shaken to the core. CONVICTED of times I didn't LOVE more. Convicted that I judge others when I need to look at my own life. Life-changing. At 1st I bought I highlighter to highlight the good quotes I liked. As I kept reading...I'd stop and find I'd highlighted a WHOLE page!
    Glad you liked it!


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