Wordy Wednesday.

 My little man is 8 months old today!  

yes. he has his bible-all ready for church!

Since Mommy's Day is coming up.
my VERY 1st Mommy's day to BE A MOMMY!
So exciting! 
I told Mr. Z* that I wanted a TREE to plant! :)
A tree.
You all know how my obsession has been lately with TREES! EEEK! Oh dear! Well, Any-who! I told the Mr. that that's what I wanted.... NOT JUST ANY TREE. 
A VERY SPECIAL TREE- A Magnolia/Tulip tree!

Gorgeous, right? yep. knew you would love it! 

I wanted to put a little color in our front yard!!! :) 
So.... Coming Sunday, I hope I see some PINK! 

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My dear friend, Ria @ Life as a Wife is giving us the opportunity of a LIFETIME! 
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE gooooooooooooo and read what she has to say! 
YOU. WON'T. regret. IT!!  

I already bought the MR & I some shirts to support! :)

Happy Wednesday! 


  1. LOVE IT! Love this post! You didn'ttttt comment on my blog -- I want to enter you to win :) :) Thanks for posting the button, Good idea!!

  2. HAPPY 8 months!!!! LOVE HIM!

  3. Happy 8 months little hunker! :) SO cute!

  4. Your little guy is just adorable!! I actually just found your blog from Ria @ Lifea as a Wife! I'm excited to explore!! =)


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