Tristanized-GiVeAwAy SpEcIaL.

Happy Monday to all my Blogger Friends!

Can you believe it? 
Today. Is. May 11th.
Where did April go?

I wanted to talk a little about the little guy that MADE me a mommy.

Tristan Micaiah Fox was born September 5, 2009 at 3:03 p.m.
My labor was long & hard, but I had GREAT support from my Marmee (mom) & husband! We went in around 10 p.m., but were sad to hear them say  "GO HOME..." So, Zach and I went BACK to the car & drove home. When we got home, Zach jumped in the bed while I jumped in the bath tub. I was still timing my contractions & they were STILL 2 minutes apart.... but this time they were getting stronger!! Had a LITTLE EXTREME more bite to them. Since being pregnant, anything & everything that smells, looks, tastes bad I throw up, gage, dry-heave, etc. 
So ANY amount of pain in my abdomen.... i threw up.
sorry. so descriptive. 
I then called the on call nurse & told her my situation. She told me there was no reason to have sent me away in the first place, so....
THIS TIME, I had to do my Lamaze breathing techniques the whole way to the hospital. I could still talk in between them, so they weren't "the BIG ones!" We got checked & settled into our room & I was only dilated to a 4...It was going to be a while yet. I was still throwing up & every 2 minutes... like CLOCK WORK... the pains would HEAVE themselves onto my lower back & tummy. My Marmee & husband were the BEST coaches anyone could ask for. My Marms helped me through my breathing & Zach did "pressure points" that took my BACK LABOR AWAY! [thank you, LAWWRD] 

The nurse came in & I asked for some medicine to help me not throw up as much. I asked if the epidural(i wanted to do it all natural, but didn't want to keep throwing up from the pain) would help me not throw up? She began to tell me that it would not help my nausea at all. So, I continued ALL NAT-UR-ALLLL. :) It was 2 a.m. & I was exhausted. I was trying to just breathe through the contractions, but also rest. [cause that's normal?] They gave me some sleepy medicine & I was out...
My mom told me I would still do my breathing methods in the night. Strange, huh?

I woke up that morning only dilated at a 5. :( I stayed at that until they came and broke my water! 
Within 3 hours... Tristan Micaiah Fox was here. 

Birth is such a miracle! I am amazed at everything by it! How your body knows it's time! It's amazing! Only GOD could create something so wonderful!

T* at birth... just hours after he came into the world. :)

After his bath. :) 
all cuddly. 
I love you, T*!!!
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  1. birth is such a miracle, I don't know how people can be pregnant and not know that there is a God!! He is sooo precious love it!!

  2. Birth is amazing. What an incredible thing. YOur son is beautiful btw. :)

    Looking forward to the week on your blog!

  3. Isn't he just adorable??! I hope you enjoyed your mother's day!

  4. I stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hi.
    Take a minute an check my blog out if you haven't already.
    I have lots of great giveaways going on.
    Thanks :)

  5. Following you back and I just LOVE your blog! :) Being a new mom and wife is crazy and fun all at the same time! I'm glad to have a new bloggie friend! :)

    Your birth story was so sad, I can't believe you were throwing up like that! Poor girl! :) But I'm sure it was worth it ;)

  6. LOVE my little nephew! What a day that was! So happy to be apart!

  7. You son is an ABSOLUTE gorgeous lil' man!!!! Just thought that I would let you know what you already know;)!


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