This Moment.

THIS Moment:
I always want to remember .
I want to soak in the LOVE I have for him.
I want to look back on THIS MOMENT
& know I took it all in.

Happy Saturday, Everyone! 

Hopefully, TODAY is the day I get to conquer my garden!

You can follow me on Twitter today & see how things are coming along with the garden & well, my life. :)

Just thought I would leave you with another picture.
since, I LOVE THEM...

This is in little man's room...
Isn't it adorable?

FYI: our last name is FOX :) 



  1. This is a super cute! I'm following you back! I can't wait to kee]p reading! And congrats to your brother!!!

  2. What a precious picture of the little one! I absolutely love your photos!

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend,

  3. How cool-love the fox on the wall! :)
    Your little guy is adorable!
    I just love that first photo! It's been a while since my older 3 have let me hold them in my arms like that, but the little guy still does. I really miss it with the older 3 though. They grow up way to fast...sigh.


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