A Story with Pictures.

Happy Memorial Day.
It has been quite the day for my family. Let me just tell you what we went through....COUGH* I mean... DID.

I am going to let my PICTURES speak for themselves.....

okay. you are right.
I will talk with pictures.

Ya'll know me too well!

1. 11am. Sang the National Anthem 
*so attractive when I sing. :) 
If you would like to hear it..
click here---> NOW
I don't know if it will work. My Marmee put the video up on Facebook. Just linked it to that... 
? maybe? maybe not?

#2. Tristan & Marmee.
He didn't want to put his feet on the grass. :) 
isn't this an adorable picture?
I am so glad that my sister, RACHEL... was there to capture THESE moments for me. :) 

All done singing & ready to go to the picnic... :)
Isn't he the most adorable little 9 month old?
[he is almost 9 months! can you believe it?!?!?) 


My ADORABLE nephew Easton Paul.
He is just the sweetest baby. He always smells so good & he has FUZZY hair!
He is sooo SWEEEEET! 


I can't believe he will be 9 months.
This looks like his Uncle Alex.
Yep. Alex 
(who you can't see real well is in the back...) 

So... Anyways....
Sister Photo shoot. 

My older & MUCH WISER sister, Rachel Michelle. 
Isn't she hot?
People say we look alike. 
I guess, I'm hot... cause she is..
ya know...
we look alike.

She's the wild one. 

1 of our dearest friends, RUTH ANN. :)
She is like our sister.
She is a wonderful mommy. :) 
If you follow me on twitter you will have noticed my URGENT PRAYER REQUEST for her son.
He is doing great! He fell out of a grocery cart at Walmart & was taken to the E.R. by ambulance. 

 & last but certainly NOT LEAST.
My husband.

I love him.
I am so blessed.
[yes. that is his 147 million orphans shirt]
Mine is still coming in the mail! :) :) :) 

What did ya'll do for your Memorial Day?
oh wait. I might just read it on your blog.

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  1. BEKA! THE VIDEO DID WORK! LOVED IT :) Felt like I was there... girl... you have TALENT! I knew that, but I love hearing you sing!!! :):) :) Thank you for sharing.

    Those pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Love *Z's shirt & that pic of *T with your mama... oh man... what a memory! :)


  2. I'm so happy that ALL of those pics I TOOK! :) Huh. Who knew you could make them loook soooo cute! LOVE IT! AND YOU, Chin twin.

  3. fabulous :) i bet you did great, i don't have speakers up here of i would be listening!

    your little boy is ADORABLE and I love that pic where he wont touch the grass, haha too cute


  4. oh one more thing, your blog makes me so happy :) so i passed an award on to you, come see it!


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