Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's early light....

Happy Memorial Day to ALL.

This weekend has been a JAM PACKED fun-filled weekend. 
Reason #1:
Er-bear. :) 
One of my best friends from Kansas City was here. 
She left today. :( But... we had a great time catching up!  
She has a son, Leo
Leo & Tristan are best friends. :)
She makes me laugh so hard! I wish we lived closer. 

What I will be doing this week:
#1 Dying my hair/cutting my hair.
woo. woo. woooooo. 

#2. Wishing my best friend, JAMIE a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! 
She just moved to Kansas City & words do NOT explain how much I miss her. 
I get my phone to text her & ask her to hang out.... 
she's in KC. 
I love her so very much. 
She was the Maid of Honor in my wedding. 

I love my girls. I love this picture of my wedding day.
Isn't this color AWESOME!?!?
yes. i think so. 

& #3

Hope your weekend was filled with family, love, GRILLED food, & 
lots of laughter!

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