My Fox Clan.

Blessed. Chosen. Called. Creative. Funny. Witty. Strong. Sweet. BOLD. wILd. Energetic. Loyal. Protective. dimpled. :)  Athletic. Strong-willed. Fun. Capable. Gentle. Pure. Moldable. Go-getters. Runners. Basketball players. ;) Cherished. Loved. "Singers." Born to LEAD HIS WAY.  World Changers.

These are just a FEW things I can say about "my" men. 
They are precious to me in all different ways.
Growing up in a broken home..... These men were DOOMED in the eyes of the WORLD.But in their Father's eyes, they were MADE TO LEAD. They were cast aside to FAIL. But, God had other plans. I know these "men" will grow up to be excellent husbands & GREAT daddy's to their babies. They will go ABOVE & Beyond others, because they know what it is really like to be "poor" & neglected  in the world's eyes.

When they moved to FLOYD. It was a BIG STEP & life-changing decision. 
2 of them went from THEE largest high school in Ohio to 1 of the smallest private schools in Iowa. 
Change is good & was needed. 
There is a calling on each of them to carry HIS Word & to be the VOICE to this generation. 
I am blessed to be known as their "2nd mom."
When I was engaged to Mr. Superman.... (Z*) I told him I wanted lots of kids like his family had--> he agreed with me. LOTS OF KIDS! 
Little did Z* & I  know that we would be helping raise his younger brothers. 
I looked at Z* on our last visit to Ohio[december 09'] & said, "We are suppose to take Ethan home with us."
Z* started to smile & said, "I know. HE already told me that too."
Little by LITTLE God opened the door for the FOX FAMILY to move to Iowa. 
This next June will mark  "1 year" for them to be living in Iowa. :) 

Ethan is going to Master's Commission in Indiana.{LORD WILLING}
Alex will be a Sophomore at L.A. 
Mitchel will be a 7th grader at L.A.
James will be a 6th grader at L.A.
I am blessed & my quiver is ALMOST full. ;) 

Here is the baby of the family.
"Jaime Bear." :)
1 cute little fox. 

My new BLOG LOOK will be up TODAY! :) COME BACK & take a look when it is LAUNCHED! We will CELEBRATE together! 

Happy Thursday yawl! :) 

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  1. WOO HOO! I love that last image. Artsy!

  2. They are gonna do GREAT things!!!

  3. What a wonderful, uplifting story! And that last photo is just beautiful.


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