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What is on B*'s MIND today?

I am overwhelmed by God's LOVE & faithfulness this morning. I can't get over how GREAT his LOVE is for US. When I think back on my life & how God WROTE MY LOVE STORY.... it blows me away! I am sure for some of you out there... you can relate. Others, you are trying your best to be patient with GOD writing your story. :) [BEEN THERE] Zach & I love PEOPLE. We had a very BIG wedding & wedding party, because we LOVE people. I had people from all different seasons of my life & same for him. I have been looking through my wedding pictures, which I do very often, and I am overwhelmed by how WONDERFUL of a day it was for us. IT was a CELEBRATION for both families to come together. Zach, is the oldest of 8 children who do not have a "FATHER" in their life. His father & mother divorced when Zach was in middle school & the "dad" hasn't been in & out. Z* is one of the strongest people you will ever meet. HE was BORN to lead. He is leading our home with such PASSION, it inspires me everyday. Oh, the LOVE OF GOD. How great it is! I feel such love all around me, but nothing is greater than THE OVERWHELMING LOVE of Jesus. My husband is my best friend & Lova'. [luv-a] I am so blessed by what GOD IS DOING. 
The picture over-----------------> here is of my home church. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I grew up in this church.  I invited Jesus into my heart at this church. I went to school at this church. I was married in this church. We dedicated our son, Tristan,[T*] in this church. This is where my daddy's legacy is being built & Z* & I want to help keep the legacy going by serving in the church. We, Zach & I, want our legacy to be LOVE. TO LOVE His PEOPLE. To be on this earth FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS and SERVE & LOVE the people with an OVERWHELMING LOVE....

because afterall, GOD did this for us! 

It's overwhelming isn't it? Can't grasp it quite yet? Well.. then...
Listen to this...

I was just recently tagged in "Me in Threes" by my friend, RIA @ LIFE AS A WIFE ! Thanks so much Ria for being such an inspiration & HELP to me with this blog community! :) Alrighty! Here.... we.... go...
Three name I go by:


Three jobs I've had:

Nanny in Kansas City
South Golf Club Assistant 
[random job in KC]
Three places I've lived:

Parent's Home
Blackford's Home[in kc-for my internship]
My home with my Z*! 

Three favorite drinks:

Dr. Pepper/Cherry Coke

Three places I have been:


California[where I fell in love]

Three places I'd like to visit:

India[my dream]
Africa[another DREAM]
New Zealand [yes please!]

Three favorite foods:

Mongolian Chicken 
Mashed potatoes 
Caesar Salad

Three makeup products I can't live without:

my new glitter-green colored eyeliner

Three things I'm looking forward to:

Ethan's Graduation

My best friend/mentor, Julia having her 4th baby!
Painting our kitchen <3 <3

People I'm TAGGING!

Libby @ Truly his

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