Lovin' Love.

It has come to my attention that I have very rarely put up some pictures of my wedding.

August 8, 2009.
I married my best friend.
my soul mate. 
my lover. 
my stronger half.
my sanity. 
my adventure prone man.

Our wedding was perfect in every way.
The planning took over a year.
[i do NOT suggest a long engagement for anyone-we had no choice]
We almost eloped many times, but when it came down to it, we just couldn't.
Zach is all about the details. He WANTED to take over all the planning and RUN WITH IT.
Little did he know... he met his match & finally let me take the "lead"... ;)
I found my DRESS 3 months before we were "engaged". We knew we were getting married to each other before we started dating. So, Why would I want to waste any time? ;) 
My dress was the 3rd one I tried on.... I have always known what I like. SO, I didn't have any problems picking it out. I knew I wanted a jacket. (yes. even in august) I always wanted a jacket with my gown.  ever since I watched..... CALAMITY JANE--->starring: DORIS DAY I knew EXACTLY how I wanted the bottom of my dress to look like.
I remember when I took my Grandma, MOM, & sisters to see it. ( after we were engaged) 
My mom said: "Beka, out of all my girls, I never thought YOU would be the easiest wedding gown shopper." 
My mom loved how modest it was. :) 
so did i.

Our Ceremony was THEE BEST.
I don't say that lightly either.  It was full of tears, laughter, special moments, music, friends & family speaking & pouring into our marriage. 
We were building our foundation that day on something SOLID.

I wrote a song for Zach & surprised it by singing it to him at the CEREMONY. I held it together. I really did. I was shocked, but I knew that if I was going to SING at my wedding---I WANTED to make it through & let people KNOW/hear the words I was singing. I did it. :) It was perfect. 
NOTE: My sister, LIBBY, wrote the chorus! We were sitting down at the piano one day(do that quite often when she is home) & I told her I wanted to write a song for Zach & surprise him with it!
Libby's mind went ALL OUT... :) THANKS, LIB!
Zach wept & wept when he heard it.
Maybe, Someday.. you will get to hear it. ;)

4 of my favorite MOMENTS being captured from the wedding day.

*the blackfords*

Our best friends, David & Julia, were the ones to marry us. It was such a SPECIAL MOMENT for Zach & I because of EVERYTHING we went through with them. Zach & I went through a lot of things while dating & our engagement. Zach walked through depression, thoughts of suicide, & panic attacks. I walked through anger, bitterness, & MORE PAIN than my heart could handle. 
D* & J* were the ones to walk with us that year in Kansas City. They were our accountability, best friends, MENTORS, & family while we lived there. 
I was known as "Nanny Beka" to their kids. They were my nephews!
Isaac, their oldest got up & quoted 1 Corinthians 13. :)

I loved every little detail in our wedding!
Our photographer ROCKED too! 
RULE #1 to all BRIDES. 
INVEST in a GOOD photographer!
The reception was wonderful.
SPECIAL memories were made that day.
Those memories echo in my heart every time I look at my wedding pictures. I love my wedding pictures! That is Zach's "grooms cake"....
We surprised him with it. ALL super hero's. Just the way he likes it!
I love that "big photo" in this collage.
It's hanging up in my kitchen.

Yep. I had so many bridesmaids. I still get grief over this. 
Do I regret it?
Do I wish I could have added a couple more people?

I am crazy, but blessed beyond measure. 

Zach & I, especially ZACH, LOVE PEOPLE.......

You should have seen our house tonight. GASP*

Awe, Love. 
I love LOVE.

Off to sleep.... I love going to bed having HAPPY thoughts.
Thoughts of LOVE & My man.
 Mr. Z* is not feeling the best tonight. :( 
Chinese food does it to him every time. 
sad for for me.
it's my favorite.

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  1. Wow!! Those pictures are stunning, and your dress was gorgeous! : ) Beautiful, beautiful! Thanks for sharing this, how wonderful!

  2. Your wedding photos are so beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing them!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. LEEEE OVEEEEEEE hearing about weddings. What a beautiful day! Love that you had all sorts of bridesmaids! How great! Just shows how many people love you! :) Thats great!

  5. gorgeous wedding! Thanks for following my blog.
    My husband and I married August 9, 2008. My hubby's birthday is August 8! Yay for August celebrations.

  6. Yay! It seems like so long ago. Doesn't time fly? :) Love you!

  7. WEDDING!! WEDDING!! WISH I could have made it, but I am sure it was beautiful Congrats and may God bless you more and more.. and who knows maybe you will have little ones soon. :) Love getting to know you on blogger. It is almost like we are sisters...

  8. Gorgeous pictures!!!! I love reading your blog:)!! But I am kinda confused, did you get married in '08 or '09?
    Nikki Helmuth


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