Love is a Battle field.

Bittersweet taste in my mouth/heart.
I am done editing this couples engagement session.

cute, right?
i know.

But,  I have something to look forward to!
I GET TO TAKE PICTURES of their wedding day!
Isn't that AMAZING!?
I am soooo thrilled!

Okay. A couple minor MAJOR  things before we get started.
1. Yes. I have my hair up on top of my head like it's still 1986.
2. No. I have no makeup on. I feel like going RAW this summer.
3. Little things make me happy. So, when I got this necklace in the mail yesterday...
Yes. I sure was. 
I had a little photo session with my PHOTO BOOTH on my Mac, Mr. Knight. (yes I name things)

As none of you know, I have always wanted to adopt. 
I always wanted THAT passion in my husband too.[WATCH OUT ladies... God hears what you ask Him for]
Well, God sent me Zach & together... ONE DAY we hope to adopt.
Goooooooo buy & checkout this website!

BYe. for NOW.

ALlll my Bachelorette LADIES... KEEP SCROLLING DOWN for the RECAP by BOO! ;) 

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  1. You truly did an outstanding job with these photos!! I love them all! I can tell how much they love eachother : ) Can't wait to see their wedding pics! Go you!!

    And thanks so much for grabbing my button! I really need to add a section for buttons on my blog, because you'd be on it too! : ) (really, I need to. And really, I think I will!! ; )

  2. YAY! You got your necklace :) :) SO HAPPY!

  3. oh yes! He hears your hearts desires! :)
    P.s. I am gonna follow this new season of the Bach and missed the first due to being outside w/ the Fam. BUUUT Hulu will keep me updated!

  4. I love your photography. That's really cool that God has given you that passion :)

  5. ha, i think your pics are too cute!!
    the engagement photos you took are awesome, love them!
    have a great weekend!!!

    p.s. following you :)

  6. LOVE the engagement photos!

    When I get engaged, you can take mine!! (WELL AFTER I MEET A MAN OF COURSE.. AND then GET ENGAGED!)

    I'll fly you here! :)

  7. haha this was a cute post, i love the second picture, it made me feel all giddy and happy


  8. oh my gosh you're hilarious!!! i love your little photo session!! and yey for adopting!!! my husband is adopted so i am all for it!!!! definitely!

  9. Love the pics and the necklace!!!! And your recaps of some of my guilty


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