Wordy Wednesday.

Happy Wednesday Morning to you Ladies. :) 

It is a dreary morning here in the Midwest. Rain clouds are covering the sky, just waiting for the moment for me to take a step outside & dump on me and my plans. 

*Why do I sound so rough & rude to Mother Nature today? 

Simply because that is what she did to me yesterday. [boo]  I had a Senior Session set up for this week & now it is rescheduled.....again![ Boo. ]
[DONE having a pity-party]

Lets bring out the HAPPY things of today, Shall we? 

What Makes ME, B*, Happy on a rainy day.?


mmmmmmmm. delicious. 
WITH Hazelnut creamer. 
Got to run to the store to get some more. 

better yet, OLD BOOKS. 
Antique books.
I wish that all my antique books could tell me the story of their last owner. 
I collect Antique books. 
Have for a while now...
They are so unique..
{which I am all about THAT}
When I get done reading a book, I write my name in it and
 pass it along to a friend. Do you do that?

Beautiful Photography.
I love searching the internet for things to INSPIRE me with my photography. 
is what
I call
Looks like they had a party last night & they didn't clean up! :) 
[sounds like something I would so not DO]

lets play a GAME!!!
Winner will receive a "BLOG AWARD"

Whoever can come up with the best TITLE for THE PICTURE WITH THE LADY IN THE HAT...
THIS BUTTON/Blog award
i know you want it. :) 

So....... WITHOUT FURTHER ADO. (is that how you say it?) 

What is the Best Title for THIS picture?

it can be funny, witty, serious, HILARIOUS(yes-please), not so funny, pointless,etc, etc.
LET ME HEAR WHAT ya have to say! 
Winner will be announced Friday! 
Happy Thinking....

Isn't my future sis-in-law...JUST DARLING?
Here she is at her Bridal shower this past week.

Yep! She is going to be a PHILLIPS! ;)


  1. cute post! Loved the pictures! I love antique books as well! Although I dont own many. The sky is clear today, but lately it has been nice, but cloudy! We're heading out to the park PRONTO!

  2. mmm...coffee!! right now? yes please!!!

    and i love the antique books! i may have to start keeping my eyes open to start my own collection!

    and um.your soon to be s-i-l is darling...and i love that ruffle shrug...i just know she is dying to give it to me!! or at least share the deets of where she got it!!!

  3. I like antique books too. I have a few myself. It is a cloudy day here but we had alot of sunshine days lately. We go to the playground everyday after dinner to enjoy the nice weather. Your sister-in-law is a very beautiful young lady. HAVE A NICE FAB DAY!!!

    Visit my blog at http://motherof1princessand2princes.blogspot.com

  4. The photo says to me: Too Busy To Notice
    I Love your blog :)


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