Wall Words.

So the other night...
My friend, Bethany & I just might have gone out
did some spying.
It was quite delightful.

We saw things....
laughed until we almost wet ourselves    giggled.

[such sweet memories were made.]

Z* & I are working on our house. 
SUCH fun!
I love planing & doing new things to our home. :)
So much fun.
We went on a date to Rochester a couple Friday's ago & made a "5 year plan"...
[yes. we know God is that final say/doer & we are fine with that.]
In this plan, we did some talking/dreaming about our home.
1 thing we wanted RIGHT AWAY is NEW flooring for our house...
We put  new carpet in Tristan's room.
[still sorting through clothes-don't hate]

[wall words done by our friend-it's her business]

isn't that adorable?
[our last name is Fox, in case you didn't know!]

[see the clothes?]

Yep. His room is almost done. Just going to put out the old clothes & in the with the NEW summer clothes.
yes to sunshine, please!

NEXT UP on our project.

Our Living room.
wood floors. YES, LAAWRD.
I love redoing things!
best part.
We will be having a special little something on our walls!
Don't you?
What I am working on right now....

#10 is my vote.
Which one do you like better?

THIS TREE will go in our living room
And have the words
"Bring Life"
beside them.

beautiful, right? 
Yep! Just so you can picture it...
My living room is square and 1 longer wall.... :) 
painted sage green.

I will let you know how it all turns out!

Do you like wall words?  Do you have any in your house?


  1. Love wall words!! I have 3 different quotes that I've painted in various locations throughout our house. Now, I just hope I never want to change the wall color :) I vote for #10 too--beautiful!

  2. I love T's little room, question, where did you get that little storage unit beside his crib with the blue and green bins? I'm looking for something along those lines :)
    Also, my vote is for #10 too! Love it!

  3. I agree number 10 is so awesome. I am moving in july and i'm planning on ordering soem wall art before I move. So cool! :))

    Love his nursery so cute!

    You are a pretty stinkin' cute spy! :)))

  4. I love your friend's wall words! Too cute! I love artsy stuff like that. I like tree number six and tree number ten, but I think any of those would be neat. That's such a creative idea! Sorry I have been bad at commenting the last two weeks. I've been really busy, but will try to comment more soon!

  5. LOVE wall words -- does she have a website or anything? Etsy?

    We have a wall word saying in our kitchen... it makes EVERYTHING more fun! CUTE RE-DO to Tristan's room!

    ps. we are getting hardwood floors in MAY TOO!

  6. Super Spy!! :-) I would love some wall words in our home!

  7. where do u get these? like does she do them for other people? can i have her #? is this also who did the picture on the van? i like 6 or 10 both are very cute ideas :)


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