Once upon a Monday.

Once upon a Monday.
NEW Monday Series 4 Confessions of a New Mom. 

Once upon a Monday, there were 2 men in her life....

melted My her [heart.]
It's okay, You can admit it too. This picture.... MELTS your heart. I know. I know. I am one BLESSED woman.


How did I get this....


How did WE get so blessed to get HIM... OUR little MAN... OUR little BOY full of personality.

How am I so blessed that I have a friendship with my husband? 

I can ACT A FOOL & still feel so secure. 

[He brings out my goofy side. ]

Z* is such an amazing daddy. He loves T* sooooooooooooooooo much. I can't get over that Tristan is 7 months today. WHAT?! How can this be? 
[ignore the messed up/pushed up bangs]

Happy Once upon a Monday my friends!!!


  1. You have a gorgeous family. Ya'll just radiate love! I love seeing your pictures because they make me smile! You are one lucky girl! :) HAPPY MONDAY!

  2. Your son is absolutely adorable! Love the cheeks. LOL You sound like a very blessed woman. I also have a friend in my hubby...we've been together 22 years now, and we can share anything.

    And thanks so much for joining Mommies Faves Mom Bloggers Network. Can't wait to get to know you better. :)


  3. I love those pictures. Your family is absolutely precious. My baby is 8 months, where does time go is right!! Isn't this the funnest age????? =)

  4. Those pictures are full of sweetness, love them!

    -following from Mommie's Faves,

  5. oh lady you are so very blessed!!!! love this post! and so so glad to be back and all up in your bidnass!!! ahahaha!! okay so i am lame...but i am THAT excited!!!

    i want a little boy!!! yours is adorable...i'll take one just like him please!!!

  6. HeYYY soul sista!!
    YOUR HEADER IS FABULOUS. and you have the cutest son - period. Oh, he loves his auntie. :)Beka, you are SOOO blessed!


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