I've got Sunshine.

[photography by E*]
The SUN is shining & so is my smile!
i didn't get a whitening job done. 
i wish.
It's just SHINING because I am so happy about this weather.
I haven't really been able to BE outside today, due to PHOTO SHOOT, naptime for T*, & another photo  shoot in about 45 minutes. 

I am excited! I have been trying to get this SENIOR photographed for the past month! 
What caused all these POSTPONEMENTS? 
2 rainy days.
1 sick baby T*
Snowy day.
[not in that particular order]

I've got some exciting/sad news to tell you.

Z* & I talked last night and are OFFICIALLY getting rid of BOTH our barking canines. 
Gidget will be going to a wonderful home. Our friend from Ohiooooooo is taking her in & will take MARVELOUS care of our little Gidget.
Vixen is going to live with a family with a BIG open backyard in the country. 
perfecto' for our little RUN, RUN, RUN, FULL OF ENERGRY,

Our small house cannot house anymore than us 3 humans as of right now.
We do plan to add on sometime in the next 5 years, but as of now.
We are packed to the MAX in this 2 bedroom mini house.

I am sad, b/c I LOVE my dogs. I love all dogs, but this is just the RIGHT MOVE on our part. 
Our lives are moving into a direction where we more than LIKELY will not be home a lot! 


Okay ladies! Be sure to PLAY THE GAME with us in my last post!
"Title that photo"
Click--->  here
to post your "TITLE for the lady in the BIG HAT photo!"
Winner will be announced FRIDAY! ;) 

I'm off to shoot....... :) 


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  1. Good on the shoot!

    Sorry about saying goodbye, but i'm glad they are going to a good home!

    Hope you've had a good week, and enjoy your weekend!

  2. So glad you were able to get your shoot done finally! The weather is finally gorgeous..I sure hope it stays this way! Not too hot though!

    So glad you also found good homes for your pups. Sometimes they can be incredibly overwhelming so, at least they are going to good homes with places they will probably love!


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