A FOXlike Story.

Meet my son, T*. 
He is my little bundle of JOY! 
He brings me such happiness, it is hard to explain with words.
So, I like to try to capture his CUTENESS/happiness with my pictures.

He is just like his daddy.

When he is HAPPY, he is HAPPY.
When he is sad, HE IS SAD.
When he wants to cuddle, he wants to cuddle. 
When he wants to sit, he wants to sit.
When he wants to stand & walk...he wants to... well, 
you get the deal.
He is my little SWEET Angel from God. :) 
He will be turning 7 MONTHS this month. 

Let me tell you what I already know about my little man.

1. He loves food. [bananas & avacado & spinach]
Not big on Carrots yet. :) 
2. He LOVES the outdoors. 
[swinging is his new LOVE]
3. He waves bye-bye soo cute.
4. He says, "Maaamaaaa" when being really dramatic and about to go "outta control" 
its "Waaawaaa" :) [still melts my heart]
5. He loves his sleep! 
6. he is mini spider man. he grips the floor [when he walks] with his toes.
[just like his dad]

He is just so adventurous. 
I can't believe he is MY child. 

[never broken a bone people!]
outside to me is sitting on the porch.

Happy 7 months, Tristan! 
Your mommy & daddy LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you so much!
God has SUCH a plan! Your future is great & your heritage is FULL!
You have brought so much LIFE to my soul. 
-mommy B

*talking to all the mommy's and Mom's to be out there.*

Being a mom has taught me so many things...
1. Don't underestimate POST PARTUM.
2. If you have ANY hangups with yourself.

I am a very, very, very fearful person by nature. 
I don't do many things.
 I love to sit inside.
Read. Watch tv on hulu. cook.
CLEAN. "clean"
make things look pretty.
paint my nails.
fold laundry
[hate putting it away-GAGE]
Being a mom can really bring out lots of insecurities....
1 thing is this...
FEAR. I have blogged about fear before.
I have lived life FULL of fear.
I do NOT, DO NOT, want my son to catch onto that.
I never want him to be scared of failing.
I always want him to know that HE CAN do anything.
[ and boooy do I believe in him!]
You see, 
Back in November 09*
I was reading & doing my prayer time when...
God spoke into my heart that HE was going to 
to Z* & I. 
Little did we know that it would be a son.
A CHILD for that matter.
I believe that T* is not only going to BRING LIFE & growth into my world, 
[aKa--> let me TRY new things--like run a 5k! plant a garden! dye my hair BROWN!!]
BUT he will BRING LIFE in every person he comes into contact with.
He is making me WANT to try new things... BRING LIFE to my world. 
I do not want MY fears to stick to him.
Look at that.... I am 23[right?] Yep! 
AND still growing and learning.

I feel taller already! :) 

What are some of your fears? 
What haven't you done yet that you would LOVE TO DO!?
[me=garden! more on that later]

I want to hear your fears.... things you want to do, but have always been so scared to do it!


  1. Oh B. this is an inspiring post that brings tears to my eyes! I would have to agree and say that being a mom does change you! (it did me) for the BETTER.
    p.s. I also have NEVER broken a bone :/

  2. P.s.s I forgot to say 'my fears' and such LOL
    A lot of things stick out in my mind but one is that really, really sticks out is: Missions trips outta this country...I have been out of this country and know what it's like and really know how blessed we are. Oh missions is something I have dreamed about doing buut am scared to take the kids anywhere! I know the Lord would take care of EVERYTHING...just taking that step...well..ya get it...

  3. What a honey pie! I want to chew on his cheeks! You are so blessed!

  4. Beka, what an honest vunerable post! I <3 it! This is real life and I love when people speak about what they struggle with because EVERYONE is struggling with something. That does not mean we tell everyone - everything, but sometimes God wants us to be vunerable. :) My fears are my calling... I think anything "bigger" than us is crippling and we can't "grasp it" or "put our arms around it". I want to be able to figure everything out and when something is "bigger" then me, I want to run away... therefore, my calling. :)

  5. Fear of passing on my insecurities to my daughter. I'm making baby steps. God is helping me through His promises to me.. and through Casey. I can't believe how blessed I am to have been given such a wonderful husband! I think we all can thank Him for that! :) Loved the post Boo!!

  6. Can I just say...
    T IS WALKING??? that's incredible! My 10 month old hasn't quite gotten the idea yet.... crawling still suits her just fine. I'm trying to get her into walking.... one of these days. So awesome that T is walking, though!

    Hmmm. I've always been afraid to just truly be myself. To be completely, brutally honest even if I might offend some people. And I'm afraid of death, even though know full well where I'm going... it's fear of the unknown I guess. But I want to break free from fear... and just as you said... motherhood has brought FEAR to light as nothing else in my life ever has.

    So grateful I have a God who is right there for me 24/7/365!!!!

  7. @ Claire... I should clarify, he doesn't walk on his own... you hold his hands and he LOVES to walk that way. He isn't sturdy enough yet. But... in his mind... HE IS WALKING like a big boy. LOL! :)

  8. What a wonderful, blessed surprise!! I found you on one of my followers pages, and thought I would stop in. I am following you with both of my blogs now. :)

    Tree (aka Mother of Pearl)

    P.S. I would love to invite you to join our new community network for moms...Mommies Faves Mom Bloggers Network. Hope to see you there soon!


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