Feeling Springy.

Tristan with his friends. :)
[L to R: My nephew, Easton, Hadassah, MINE-->Tristan, & McKenzie]
[Hadassah & McKenzie are my good friends children. ]

this is his school class. :)
we are waiting on another little girl to be born. 

This picture is by age order. :)
Girl, Boy, GIrl, Boy,(soon to be born-my bff's due ANY day)--> She is having a little GIRL, right after(soon to be born--another lady in our church) BOY, then....
we are waiting to see what are other friend, Lori is having! :)
I bet it's a girl. ;)

Wouldn't that be HILARIOUS?

Today T* & I went over to my good friend, Ruth Ann's house. :)
We talked about our babies, husbands, life, God, Family, weather, FOOD, poop, etc. 
It is always a refreshing time to get together.
She lives out in the country & lets just say it was SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY HERE.....
we had to go outside! 
They have a big, OPEN back yard so we had so much fun!
Here are some pictures of the kids & us today!
I love having Godly friends & wonderful MOMMY'S to their kids.
& I love having SINGLE FRIENDS TOO.
& MESHING them together. 
love. love. love

Hadassah Grace.


Mitch Mitch again. :) 
being a boy! 
I can't wait for Tristan to be like this age!
Rachel & my nephew-Easton!

Ruth Ann & Haddie

Jessica & kenzi

Britta with my Tristan. :) 


Tristan going for the sunglasses.
all an accident.

ACCIDENTAL photos are the best. :)

Hope your day was filled with Sunshine, BEST FRIENDS, babies, laughter, SPRING,
& great food. :)

Because my Tuesday has never been better--I hope YOUR Tuesday was the BEST!


  1. Love it. What a great day and gorgeous pictures!

  2. OMG!! I have missed like 3 OF YOUR BLOGS!! :(
    I love it!! and I love your new wall words and I never knew you put carpet in T's room!!


  3. how fun!!! i love the boy/girl sequence! how funny!!! maybe they'll all grow up and pair off!!! hahaha...seriously though how funny!!!

    looks like you have yourself some awesome friends lady!!! and i love that yard too!! i want to run around it and play some good old fashion tag!!

  4. Glad you had such a good get together. Cute pictures!!!! :)


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