Exciting times.

3 things I am excited for coming to me this week......

1. My new lens is coming in the mail. EEEK! [I cannot WAIT to get ahold of it & shoot!]

2. getting wood floors in my living room. [a dream of mine]

3. Starting my GARDEN! [pictures to come!]

It has been one crazy week, but I am sooooo happy God got me through it. :) 

This morning in CHURCH.
Let me begin by saying this....

There is NOTHING better than being in the Lord's Presence & the SPIRIT is moving.

nope. nope. nope.

I was holding onto some things in my life that I should have just LET GO.
I needed to let go to get this VICTORY and to be restored in my life & walk with Christ.
I got just that. VICTORY!

In the past, I have been hurt and still every time when this old friend will text me....
bittnerness comes up.

But not anymore. 

Victory is mine. 


  1. Forgiveness cures the soul. Holding a grudge only poisons it. I learned that the hard way. Forgivness is beautiful.

  2. AMEN! :) THe photo of your son in the swing is BEAUTIFUL. What a charmer :) I'm checking out your photography site right now too :) You ROCK. And so does Christ in giving us VICTORY :) HALLELUJAH!

  3. You forgot that ALSO this week my baby will be born. You forgot to put that in your list... lol :)

  4. Good for you AND Praise the Lord!!!


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