Ethan James Fox.

i know this is my 2nd blog of the day.
but i had to blog about this young man.
yep. ETHAN FOX. He is my bro-in-law.

Ethan's Story. 

He came to us in December '08.
He is one of Zach's younger brothers.
[zach is the oldest of 8]   

He came to us shy, insecure, dishonest, & just lost. Ethan couldn't even make eye contact with ANYONE while talking. It was like Satan was trying to BOUND HIM in his life. You see, Zach's dad left their family due to drug abuse. He is not involved in their lives at all. We enrolled Ethan in our Christian School here. [where i graduated] & my daddy took him under his wing. Ethan was a skateboarder when he came, but is now leaving a basketball player. He is absolutely a wonderful man. He loves the Lord. He has a HEART of Worship. He has a LOVE for kids. He has a beautiful girlfriend. He has a respect for authority. He loves to cook. He loves the LORD so much. He plans on going to college in Minnesota or a community college for his 1st year.  He wants to go play basketball somewhere. [ i think my brother and daddy have something to do with that] HAHA! Ethan is a leader in the high school & I cannot wait to see what GOD is going to do in his life the next couple of years. 

God is moving in this young man's life. Please, PRAY for him in direction and to have a discerning spirit for the road ahead. After Graduation is one of the hardest ROADS to be on. You don't know which road to take. 

I love you, Ethan James. I believe in you 100%! God is moving in your life! ALWAYS keep your eyes on HIM, for he will NOT lead you astray! 


  1. What a story!
    Praise Jesus Ethan is being used for God's Glory!!!

  2. So beauitul. It brought tears to my eyes! Thank you Jesus!


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