Snail Mail.

i love getting mail.
i love homemade cards.

snail mail is by far the best thing you can receive. 
don't you agree?

i think that Stamps, envelopes, letters, cards, stickers, GLITTER, etc. etc.....
seeing someones OWN handwriting....
ugh. My heart is just melting thinking about it... 

i. love. snail. mail.
i wish there was a way we could blog through snail mail. 
instead of decorating a page, it could be a piece of paper.
or a card.



Tomorrow I leave for my cousins wedding and I haven't even had a chance to pack.
due to a teething/ONLY wants his mommy baby.
I have so much to do today. 
I can't even begin to tell you what needs to be done.
IT would take sooo long.

So. I am done complaining about what ALL has to be done....
and OFF TO DO everything!



  1. Oh B! Deep breaths :) Blessings on your trip!!!

  2. I love snail mail too...and I love card making...wanna be pen pals?, lol

  3. It is a sad day when all you get in the mail are bills. Praying you get on the road in one piece!

  4. ahhh i LOVE snail mail! it's so much fun to send, and even more fun to get! yay :)


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