the SECRET is out!

"Where He leads, I will follow."

I guess the CAT is out of the bag.
Zach & I will be directing a Master's Commission in Floyd.
THIS fall.

My dad announced it this morning to the whole church. 

The DREAM is no longer being pondered. 
It is about to become a reality.


What is Master's Commission?
You can find out more.... HERE!
[if you have anyone graduating & wants to give a year of their life to me!]


MC is where I met my husband.
MC is where I drew closer to the Lord.
MC is where I became my own.
MC is where GOD built my character.
MC is where HE became MY best friend.
MC is where I met eternal friends.
MC is where I was stretched to do other things.
MC is where I was guided in my awkward years.
MC is where I got to travel and sing.
MC is where I was given opportunities to minister.
MC is where my love for MUSIC grew.
MC is where I was challenged not to date my 1st year.
MC is where I was CHALLENGED to have a pure dating relationship.
MC is where I was held accountable. 
MC is where I learned about TRUE discipleship.
MC changed my life.

I did 3 years in Kansas City Master's Commission. Z* did 2.
It changed my life. It changed Z*'s life.
I can't believe I am actually going to be CO director of a Master's Commission.
My 1st year in MCKC at their CONFERENCE in Phoenix, AZ.... I heard this voice in my heart say...
"Someday you will be a director."
I quickly pushed that out.
put it away....
NO WAY! is...............

CHANGE is about to take place in our church. This SUMMER is going to be filled with traveling for my husband and secretary work for me. It wasn't my DREAM to become a Master's Commission director, but this is a door that GOD has opened HIMSELF. WE have done nothing to open this door, it is fully opened by him! And that makes me want to walk through it BOLDLY.

God is moving & doing such AWESOME things in our lives. It is sooo AWESOME to see the HARVEST growing....

Just remember to always ponder things in your heart.
We, as women, are so QUICK to tell our best friends/sisters everything the moment God tells us something.
Maybe, just maybe, HE wanted it to be your little secret? :)
Keep praying about your dreams always....
Prayer.... more prayer... and then COVER IT in more prayer...

Our schools CONVENTION was this past week.
We had some HIGH moments.
We had come loooow moments.
Convention is all about OVERCOMING!
overcoming fears.
We are all too scared to do somethings in our life.
GOD has called us to go on UNCHARTED territory.
He has called us to REACH THE LOST.
He has called us to speak UP.
TO be the voice.
To reach out to the ONE.
"For GOD has not given us the SPIRIT OF FEAR, but of LOVE & a sound mind!"
WALK boldly.
Made me think of some things I need to overcome in my life. The need to OVERCOME things never should stop. You should ALWAYS want to overcome more things...
SO, here is my challenge to you...

What do YOU need to overcome?
This week I want you to DO SOMETHING that you have never done before. [no... not paint your nails a daring color..] I am talking about something along the lines of your WALK WITH CHRIST.
Get up early and read your Bible.
Skip lunch and pray.
you will not be disappointed.

We, as WOMEN, need to OVERCOME....
We need to be those "Warrior Princess' " for our men.
BE the helpmate your husband/boyfriend needs.
DO NOT pull them down.
BUILD them up with YOUR words.
Now, GO!


  1. THIS IS SO NEAT BEKA! I LOVE TRUE, PURE GOD STORIES ABOUT HIM OPENING DOORS! WOW :) Can't wait to see what happens... follow your journey... and trust God along side you.

    Overcoming is huge! Thank you.

  2. Wow! All I can say is WOW! Exciting to see what God is doing this year! Praise be to Him!

  3. Beka! God works in such crazy ways! I love this! I have had so many friends go in & out of masters commission & have been around it.. since I could remember! I think this is so beautiful! & WOW I AM EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS! Please please keep me updated on everything & let me know if there is anything you need at all!!

  4. Wow!!!! Congrats you guys. No two better people to lead one! How exciting!


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