_____ = me.

ever have 1 of those days?

good!! me either. 
[this blog is all over the place- hope you can follow]

Ladies & ladies........

May I have your attention.


Life has not started to slow down. So, I made TIME today to go for a walk in this GLORIOUS WEATHER.
I set my computer down from all my editing & didn't take another glance at my PILE of laundry from my past trip..... 
I put on my tennis shoes, got T* a hat & his blankets....
OFF we were. 
It was absolutely p.e.r.f.e.c.t.

Today was not the best of days.
In all Honesty..........
1 of the worst I have ever had. 

Why?I know... you all are wanting to know...
too much to do = me
not enough time = me
leaving tomorrow until friday = me
just getting back from a 16+ hour trip = me
trying to balance the life as a wife, friend, mommy, sister, dog owner, home owner, = me.

i fail.

So... What is something that will cheer me up, besides Z* & T*?

1. Music. [right now it's need2breathe OR Leeland]
2. PRETTY pictures. [ i can look at them for hours and not be bored.]
Favorite ones right now that give me HOPE & bring a smile to my face.

pink = me

flowery trees = me


SHORT update: 

God is doing some amazing stuff. 
things i am just pondering in my heart. 
can't wait to share.
BIG changes are coming our way!
dreaming = Jesus

What God is DEALING with me about.......

"Hope put off makes the [heart] sick, but when dreams come true, it brings GREAT joy and LIFE to all HIS people!"

ALWAYS have Hope.
Hope in PEOPLE. 
Hope in your future.
Hope in your marriage.
Hope in your friendships.
Hope in your home.
Hope in your parents.
Hope in your tomorrow.
Hope in your today.
Hope in your steps.
Hope in your WORDS.
Hope in your body.
Hope in your mind.
Hope in your soul.

Hope = Jesus.

What I need....
A refreshing touch from MY Savior.

"i need you to take and carry this empty vessel. Restore unto me & make all things new." 
-beka fox

Jesus = me. 

I want to be the HOPE the world needs. I want to be the HOPE to that 1 person.
I want to be that REFRESHING touch to someone else. I want to be consistent in my prayer time. 

What are things that cheer you up? 



  1. I have something that will cheer you up: I'm shipping your tutu off to you tomorrow!!! : ) Yah!! And, I totally hear ya. I sat in the hallway today, texting my husband, crying just a little bit. Has something to do with not sleeping in the last year with my preemie son, and it feels like life is just piling on top of me at times. But... It's all relevant! Who cares about the little stuff?! Kids certianly won't remember nor care about if things are perfect. Kudos to you for going for a walk.. it does great things for the spirit.

    Oh AND, I ADORE HOPE... The word, the thought, the ideal. I just wrote about that in one of my blogs last week in regards to a necklace I just got. : )

  2. Love that you listen to needtobreathe. They are basically the only artist pumping out of my ipod AT ALL lately!

    Things that cheer me up...
    -my daughter's smile/laugh
    -cooking stir fry. something about that sizzle just gets me going!
    -being wrapped up in my husbands arms.
    -knowing that no matter what, I'm in the hands of God.
    -anddddddddddddd reading blogs (wink wink)

    thanks for sharing about your day :) here's to a less stressful tomorrow?

  3. MMMM honesty cheers me up! Thank you for being vulnerable and honest. Who ever thought editing photos was SO much work.. I hear you girlfriend. My eyes go crazy sometimes after starring at a computer for so long. Right here with ya friend --- Yay for walks and yeah for getting away! Have fun @ Convention!

  4. Wow! You needed that walk! A friend of mine told me once that when it comes to being a wife and mommy that either you get a little bit messier/sloppy or you lose it! Have a great day...

  5. Praying for you! BTW, I was having a rough morning/day, then I checked my mail and saw 'WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER' -- a phrase that always makes me laugh, and then I saw my new bling. That definitely put a smile on my face!! :-)

  6. I am LOVING your blog! Your posts are so great. Can't wait to come back tomorrow and read what you have to say ;-)

  7. I like this post a lot. coffee cheers me up. time with my hubs. SUNSHINE!! Blog friends who deal with the same things I do so I don't feel alone. Good time with Jesus and getting things done. I love your pictures..beautiful.


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