I am an Aunt.

This is my nephew, Easton Paul.

He is only a couple days old.

He is prefect.
& loves to sleep.

My sister, Rachel, asked if I would take some pictures. 
I begged her to let me take his pictures.

He is just the most precious thing in the WHOLE wide world!
I love him with ALL of my heart! 
I am a very Proud Auntie.

Exciting news!

I found my razor.
It's the little things in life.... 
We are going to have a GARAGE sale this May... So I wanted to start getting things organized for this exciting event!! 
I am getting rid of LOTS of clothes, shoes, dishes, baby gear, kitchen stuff(brand new), etc! 

This week I have been doing some MAJOR house cleaning. 
I love this statement when it comes to house cleaning...

Out with the old-In with the new!

only thing is.... my husband. 
does not!
He still has clothes from HIGH SCHOOL that he does NOT want to give up!
He has shoes that have holes in them, the soles are COMPLETELY warn.

I bought him new "house shoes" to get rid of the OLD ones. Didn't happen. 
Now he has 2 pairs.......................

I just have to LAUGH at how he is... :) 

Is it just my husband or does your husband hate giving up things?
Please..... enlighten me.... 
tell me about him. :) 


  1. GORGEOUS PICTURES!!! You've got talent girlfriend :) Hmmm... certain things my hubby likes to keep. I have to convince him - it is quite cute. Overtime of asking enough he finally parts with them... hahah!! Gotta love the quirkyness of our hubbies! SO CUTE!

  2. Yay for razors! I found mine as well!

    Your nephew is divine! He is so adorable. Arent new babes the best! I want to kiss the cheekies! You are a fabulous photographer!

    No hubby... I'll letchya know when it happens!

  3. Isaac has SO many shoes. I married a man like my sister (AKA CONFESSIONS OF A NEW MOM). He gets a new pair of tennis shoes a month (bc he is a runner and he gets them for free), but we have them ALL over the house!

  4. Ah, yes, I have a hubby that has difficulty parting with clothes...even if he hasn't worn them for 10+ years. So I wait what I feel is an acceptable amount of time (usually MONTHS) after asking him to give item XYZ to Goodwill, and then I do it myself...rarely does he notice that item XYZ even disappeared :)

  5. Easton is beautiful- & such a ham! I can't believe he sleeps like a little man! I love it. Beautiful coloring! &.... about your hubs... Heath is like that with all of his horrible annoying stuff- like little cars & stamp collection (yes we have a 5 ft. tall tower of stamp stuff!) but when it comes to clothes as long as he gets something new he doesn't care! I, on the other hand... ;/ hims is a diva!

  6. Found you through another blog & so glad I did! Your blog is too cute! (And so is your adorable new nephew!)
    My husband is totally the same way. I've gotten him to go through his clothes a few times since we've been married and he'll get rid of like 2 shirts. He has more clothes than any guy I've ever seen!

  7. Holy cow, my uterus just skipped a beat! Beautiful baby, beautiful pictures! And, ohmygoodness, The Husband just went and picked up stuff from my in-laws' yesterday, and I don't know why he/they have kept it as long as they have!!! Hopefully I can convince him to PURGE!!


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