it's over.
I am so glad that this season is over. 

I am not happy with Vienne winning, but I am happy that Tenley is not stuck with him. 

I planned a "FINAL ROSE" party for some of my dearest friends. 

We all knew who won, but still had a FABULOUS time! 
cried. [ok.not really. just got sad]
laughed harder.
spilled 4 different kinds of drinks.
had mourning Tenley scarves.
wore our "Bachelor Diamonds"
ate candy.
ate brownies.
ate some fruit.
ate. ate. ate. ourselves silly.

We were laughing so hard at Jake and his silly boy comments. Seriously, He is just plain silly.
Jake: "We have a sexual attraction, but not a physical attraction?" 

I am not a fan of Jake. I admit, I was when he 1st got out of the limo and saw Jillian and gave her those wings. TOO PRECIOUS[i thought] But when he opened his mouth..........

the. end.

I thought it was pretty SILLY[can you tell I have a son now?] how they tried to play Vienne as this calm  & nice person.

Did anyone else notice V lost a lot of weight in her NOSE or she got some work done in her time away from Jake? 
Did anyone else notice that Tenley looked skinnier? [sadddddddd.]
Did anyone else notice that every single girl was wearing a dress with 1 LONG SLEEVE and 1 SHORT SLEEVE?
Did anyone else notice that Vienne change her earrings right before the proposal & then was wearing the same ones on the ATFR? 
Did anyone else notice that Vienne actually looked PUT TOGETHER ? 
[props to her stylist now]
Did anyone else notice that Ali wasn't wearing clips, but Vienne was?
She must have left them in the RV or Mansion....
DId anyone else notice how SWEET Tenley was to Jake?
just once i would love to see a bachelorette go all crazy girl on the guy.
Did anyone else notice that Ali wasn't wearing YELLOW?
Did anyone else notice that Ali's "fans" that came down after the show were all OLD women? 
Did anyone else notice Chris Harrison's SMUG look on his face while interviewing Tenley?
[made me want to punch him in the face., MAD]

I would LOVE for the "Women Tell All" to air AFTER the Final Rose.....
Wouldn't that be GREAT?! 
I would love to see what they all would say. 

Well, Ladies.... off to spend some QUALITY TIME with my man.  
OH! And if you were wondering...
this weekend went WONDERFUL!!
[17 + families = awesome photo shoot!] I will show you some when I am done. 


  1. Sounds like all you girls had a blast together!

  2. Looks like a fun party.
    I am glad that this season is over was LAME....but I watched it!!
    Vienna is yucky...and Tenley was too good for that DORK of a Jake anyway!!

  3. Looks like fun!! Did you see that he's going to be on DWTS next season? Hoo boy...


    I miss you sister. We need to catch up SOOON. :)

  5. I'm not a fan of Jake anymore either... I'm happy that Tenley didn't get stuck with him either...

    sigh.... well, it looks like Jake is in Love, or in heat, whatever you want to call it. Hope it lasts :-)

    I hope Tenley finds her dream guy. She deserves it!

  6. so much fun that you had a bachelor party!!! my husband and I were practically biting our nails the whole episode ;) now I can't wait for the bachelorette-- I adore ali!

  7. I WISH I COULD'VE COME! wwwahhh!


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