Confessions of a new mom.{Monday}

1. I can't find my razor, I have not shaved my legs in weeks.
2. or my armpits.
3. I used my husbands tooth brush the other day. That is one of my BIGGEST No-NO's. 
I was that desperate. 
*Hangs head*
4. Somedays I want to get rid of my dogs. :( 
5. I am anxiously awaiting this summer for our "HOUSE MAKEOVER!" :) 
6. I no longer buy my own lotion. I use T's. :) 
7. We were out of toilet paper the other day, so we used Tristan's wipes. 
8. I wish money grew on trees. [or i was invisible so i could rob a bank] oops. didn't say that.
NUMBER 9. I am so slacking my workout my sister, Libby gave me. :( [we are running a 5k together!]
10. I am such a procrastinator.
11. After reading this you will probably all stop reading my blog all together.
12. I am going through all of our clothes.... it's still in piles.
13. I need someone super organized to come help me with my small house.
14. I cannot find my hairbrush.[maybe it's under the pile of clothes]
15. T* plays with my cell phone so much that my texting is starting to mess up and I can barely hear anyone that calls.

On a brighter note, my sister had her baby this past week.
I get to go see him! :)
He loves me.
I love him.
I AM AN AUNTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Congratulations Auntie!! Sorry you are having a rough go of it. Vacation? Even a mental one?

  2. Way to keep it real!

    The more raw the material, the more people can relate! The shaving thing.. well I can more then relate to that these days!

    At night I ask myself? Shave or sleep? Shave or sleep? SLEEP always wins! My son is 3 and I am still exhausted by the end of the day :)

  3. Hahahaha Beka! I love it!!!! Oh BTW.... Shelly will come help you with your house... :) lol. But seriously. She would! :)

  4. Oh Beka! I can relate to alot of those things! Congrats to being an Aunt♥ for the FIRST TIME♥

  5. BEKA!!! I cleaned it during SB!!!! You are a great mother and wife.. do not worry about your house... just make sure it is always filled with LOVE! )

  6. Wow, this totally made me laugh! Thanks for keepin' it real!


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