Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Life is full of choices. 

The moment I wake up my mind is full of questions. 

Is Tristan awake? 
What time is it?
I miss Z*.
[sorry. i know it's not a question]
Should I shower while Tristan is sleeping?
Should I have a lazy morning?

Many more questions flood my mind.... 
I have to make 10 choices in 5 minutes.

I was talking with a GOOD friend on the phone last night...
She is going through some marriage problems. 


They can be good OR bad.

I want to encourage you all...

SEEK GOD in your choices.
Before you decide anything...
before you decide who you are going to marry.
Seek guidance from your pastor and parents.


ABOVE all else....
Choose God. 

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  1. :) What a great post! I think seeking God in all matters of your life, is so imporant. He will not lead you astray! : )


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