Winner. bachelor. Winner.

Ladies & Gent...err...uhh... Ladies... 

I have the WINNER of the beautiful RING made by my friend, Christina

My Z* chose the number for me...........
I mixed all the comment numbers up & had him randomly pick a number!
And he said............#3 ---> Morethanmommy

Congrats to you dear friend! You will love, love, LOVE your ring! 
email me your info ASAP!


Alright. I don't know about you, but I thought tonight was.......a.........little.....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
I said at the beginning, "Gia is going home!"
There were a couple of highlights to me that I will share.
Afterall, this is my blog. 

*Jake DANCING! or... if you would even call it that.
When he started to dance with Gia. I about wet myself. I was laughing so hard, I didn't capture anything after that for a good 15 minutes.... My friend, bethany and I were reenacting his dance. we failed. sorta like him. :)
*Gia's departure. 
I know, I know, some of you really love Gia out there. That is fine. I like her about as much as I like Vienna. True- Gia probably has  a little more class than Vienna, but I am not sure if it is class or just plain being ditzy? back to her departure...
She was sweating sooo bad. She was like snotting from her pours. I felt bad.
NATIONAL Television + CAMERA UP-CLOSE = epic fail.

*All 3 girls'  hair.....
You could really, really tell that they were in the HUMID area, couldn't ya?
I felt like I was watching the episode of FRIENDS where they all go to a different country and MONICA's hair gets affroed.
Vienna's hair was lookin like a nasty STAGE WIG!
Also---> If Johnny Depp were on that pirate ship Jake would have been thrown overboard. Yep. You all know it. Vienna would have tossed him.

Okay... My thoughts on Alli's phonecall.
they. told. her. to. do. that.
She is the next Bachelorette.
Well, that's what the rumor says---> bob, as my husband Z* was calling him tonight) 
My own take on it is this---> They gave Alli a choice. Leave & be the next bachelorette where you can pick your own destiny OR stay and leave it in Jake's hands.
I pick, A, please.
I mean, did she really think that Jake would let her back on? She really tried to pull an ED, didn't she?
bummer. She should have just SHOWED UP!!!

Honestly, I really hope that the rumor is not true. I would love to see Tenley on the Bachelorette.
but. that won't happen.........
Best quote of the night by Jake to Tenley: "When I kiss you it's like I am on the treadmill."

Sooo. What he really is trying to say is that he feels like he is about to die. I don't know about you, but when I am on a treadmill I feel like I am about to die.... my lungs tighten up and I am short of breath and I feel a little, tiny, PANIC ATTACK coming on. (jk)
but seriously... laughed so hard at Jake's comments tonight....
Best sentence to describe Jake---> "He gets caught up in the moment!"

Okay, That's all I got for you tonight. Really. It was THAT zzzzzzzzzzz to me tonight.

I can't wait to see what the girls say next week!!!!!!!!


  1. Your comment on the Jake's treadmill remark made me JUST ABOUT DIE! Tooooo funny!

  2. Anddd... I turned to Josh and said - I bet you Beka will quote the "treadmill" quote on her blog. I died!!! Wow.

    Glad Tenly is still in the mix :) She's my fav!

    ps. where have you been on twitter? I misss you!

  3. Ps. I was following "boofox"... weird!! Now I am following bunkerboo :)

  4. OOOOH! RIA!!! They wouldn't let me get into my old one anymore... SO NOW I had to make a new one! :) GLAD YOU are following the right one!!!!
    ALSO--> That treadmill thing was TOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for me! It was hilarious!!

  5. congrats on winning the ring. very pretty

  6. HOORAY!! I'm so excited!

    I was able to watch bits and pieces last night, so I appreciate the follow-up! When Ali called, I got deja vu. Did the producers think that since things worked so well with Ed and Jillian that a repeat would occur???

  7. so your bachelor reviews are my new favorite...and i totally agree my husband and i were hysterical over jake's "dancing" husband c was like "look at him!" and i was like "no thanks, it's horrid!" and i soooo hope ali is the next bachelorette...and the reason i think she definitely is, is in the very last bit of her screen time before she put her head in her hands was "i'll never find another guy like jake, never" TOTAL set up for her! but i am not bitter over it...i don't hate her at all and would/will totally watch a season of her...i think they may announce it on next week's crazy women tell all...

    anyway...novel over! awesome post!

  8. ~~~Spoiler alert I heard Vienee is the winner um...YUCK! BUT!!! I heard that they knew bachlorette is Tenley not Ali,(sorry to all the Ali fans I just really love Tenley) I heard it from my mom so I will have to check her source on the net, but She said that the bachlorette was filming in Tenley's hometown last week, but who knows! I still want Tenley to win, V is TOO immature!

  9. Ok I couldn't agree with you more about the Bachelor last night. It was really boring & much making out/overnight cards can one really see? Do the girls think they are THAT special getting them? ANYWAYS...RealitySteve is my fav. even though he let me know ahead of time that Miss Vienna is the lucky one! I am excited about Ali being the next one though! She'll be a great Bachelorette!

  10. I'm just excited this bachelor season is coming to an end...To top this season, they will have to have someone KILL someone so it can REALLY get the ratings...Too much drama for me. Too many bunny trails. Yuck.

  11. I can't wait to go home & watch the Bachelor episodes, Thank goodness for TIVO!
    ps: Just found your blog,I love the fact that you serve Jesus & be proud of Him, sister!


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