Spread the L.O.V.E.

*Breathe in* Breathe out* Breathe in* Breathe out* 
that felt refreshing... 

I hope you have had a wonderful week like I have had. Some low days, but those days only make you stronger. Especially with the LORD on your side. Seriously, How would I survive without HIM? 
Oh, I wouldn't..... 

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Time to 
Spread. The. Love.
I am surrounded by some very, very talented people in my life.... 

here are a few of the talented people that have BLESSED me so much on this journey to start my photography business. 
* i feel like i am giving an award speech * sigh* 

i am spreading the love*
Audra,  designed my website for me. WHAT a sweetheart! You should go to her blog & follow her now. She is always an INSPIRATION to me. 

Lindsay @ Z Designs----> BRIDES* Want some fabulous looking wedding invitations or pretty much ANYTHING pretty & BEST THING OF ALL --->CUSTOM MADE just for your wedding????? Check out her stuff!!! She has a great talent! 

Check out my business cards she designed for me....

Awesome. Yep

Last, but certainly not least, the lady behind the beautiful ring making skills---Christina.

 Christina brought the ring to me tonight.... 
These rings are originally $15--Just incase all the other ladies want one... 
She doesn't just make rings, she makes ADORABLE headbands too. 
wanna see the headbands?
check her facebook page out. 
Perfect GIFTS for your bridesmaids, don't ya think? 
i do.
She is an amazing mommy. 2 darling little boys + 1 on the way! 
think pink, think pink, think pink

ladies.... start spreading the love & share my talented friends with YOUR talented friends...

and hey....
during this "love month"
let us not forget our single friends/ladies!

I have something *special* for my SINGLE ladies.... 

Stay tuned for that!!!! 


  1. Great blog post!! Cutest biz cards EVER :)

  2. OH BEKA! You are SO sweet! It was NO trouble at all! I website is purely you- I love you & I will grow old being your FS!

  3. sorry to hear you have had some low days. hope your weekend is better! have a happy valentine's day weekend!


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