Restoration & Conquer

Dear World ,

I am here to conquer you. 

No. not in some psycho Napoleon way, but in a I MEAN BUSINESS type way.

I plan on doing the BEST I can at anything & everything that comes my way.

My marriage. My relationship with God. My relationship with my son. My housework. My music. My photography. My God-given talents. My friendships. My mentorship. My mornings. My nights. My writing. My voice. My worship. My love. My INSPIRATION. My JOY. My discernment. My daily walks. My body. My outlook on life. My view of other people. My all...............

I, B*, will be the BEST I can at anything and everything that comes my way. I will TRY my VERY VERY VERY VERY BEST.

Not for my glory or name to be known,  but for the 1 to be known and adored.

For so long I have been scared to do something I am not good at, because I might *fail*. 

Not Today.

I am done having any fear or laziness hold me back.


*Peace outta here*


  1. Oh girlfriend... how this resonates with me SO richly. YOU GO GIRL!!!!! "Perfect LOVE casts out fear" 1 John 4:18 :)

  2. Yes! I think we could all use more of this fearless living :) you go girl!

  3. I'm giving you another YOU GO GIRL and an AMEN!

  4. I left you a little "happy" over at my blog! :)

  5. Now that is awesome! YAY!!!! You can do it!! Hope you had a nice weekend!!

  6. So awesome! I LOVE your blog, especially the background music to which I'm singing along, and I LOVE your passion and determination. Way to be!


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