Pure Bliss.

Just that word brings a smile on my face. 

Exciting things coming this Spring:

my nephew-Easton. [march]
making me an auntie

my brother gets married [april]
i am singing at their wedding & a bridesmaid
Z*, T* & I are taking a vacation to see family in Ohio & Virginia.
Lindsay has her baby girl. [march]
i can't wait to see that darling face!!
Meghan has her long awaited princess.[april]
check out her blog.

walks outside. flowers in bloom. babies being born. people committing to one another. green grass. Easter. Celebrating our RISEN Savior. searching for our easter eggs. getting T* his first easter outfit. 

oh, & do you know the reason why the "egg" is a symbol for easter? 
i just learned this.

Long ago they would put a hole in the egg and drain it out & let it dry.....
To show their kids the "empty tomb".....
I think that is the most darling idea. 
I think that might just be our tradition! 

What are your favorite things about Spring?


  1. Spring could NOT come soon enough! Amen sista... wow! John is getting married in April? SO soon!! :) Can't wait to see pictures!!

  2. Yes...won't it be SO funny when we get our bridesmaid's dresses and I'll still be pregnant! Got laughing at that thought the other day! SPRING...I LOVE YOU!

  3. You have so much to look forward too! I love the spring!

  4. How cute!! I love that! I had no idea either!!!

  5. What a beautiful spring you have ahead of you. I can't wait either. If I have one more dark cold rainy day I just might scream =)


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