Love Day.

Once upon a time there was a FOX who was searching throughout all the land to find his bride. He searched high and low- wide and far to find this bride, but he could not find her in his homeland. One day, he decided to travel west to search in the land of Kansas for his bride. When he arrived there he noticed a girl with golden hair & the skin of a goddess. He went & asked this goddess to dance with him. He said, " Lady B, Teach me your way of dancing in this land." 

      Lady B* was a tad bit nervous to help this charming FOX out, because the rumor going around about him was that he was a pretty slick FOX & knew how to dance quite well. She swallowed her fears and obliged to teach him.
He caught on very fast & they danced that night for many hours. 
It wasn't long before they became very good friends & it wasn't long after that they began to have stronger feelings for each other.
 He wanted to visit her homeland, so they headed NORTH to see the great, but small land of Camelot. Lady B* was very well known in her small community. Lady B* had a full heritage & knew the moment that this FOX would meet her family that he would fall even more in love with her. 
And so... FOX met her family & like she thought, he fell in love with them & the town of Camelot.

              Soon after that they announced their engagement & planned for an August Wedding. 
There wedding was beautiful. 

                                                                   A dress for a Queen. 

 There LOVE grew stronger each day they were together. When one was weak, the other strong. They knew that their LOVE was straight from the heart of their Father. After all, he brought the FOX from the East to meet Lady B* from the North. 

They went on to have a little Fox of their own.... He grows more and more each day. He loves to roll over again and again. He loves to eat bananas & laugh at his daddy. He loves to sleep all night for his mommy & to always be with his mommy. He loves his blue blanket & his froggy. He thinks he is bigger than he is & tries to walk each day. He is a dear little fox that Lady B* & FOX love so much.                                 Another BLESSING straight from their Father's hands. 

There 1st year of marriage went by so fast. It was packed full of laughter, joy, tears, trials, victories, mountains, valleys, more happiness, and lots and lots and LOTS of Love.... They knew their marriage wasn't perfect, but they were challenged each day to make it better than the day before. They also knew that their love story was far from over.... This is just the beginning......
If you are MARRIED: 
On this "Day of Love" I hope you are reminded that God had a hand in picking out your Mr. Right. Your LOVE STORY is far better than any fairy tale..... It is reality. LIVING proof that A Savior LOVES and DIED for you to know this perfect Love. He loves you dearly & wants you to know that EVERY DAY can be a "Day of Love".... just LOOK to HIM. 

IF you are SINGLE: [all my single ladies... all my single ladies... ]
The Lord is not finished with you yet. It may seem like MR. RIGHT is never coming.... that He has forgotten about your Love Story. My dear friend, He hasn't.... He is just making a few changes here and there and waiting for the perfect time to let you see it. Take this time to draw closer to the Lord. Don't let this season of your life be wished away. TAKE IT. TAKE IT ALL IN.  The Lord wants you to take this season and LEAN ON HIM...............
Have you ever thought that maybe the reason you are still single is because you have not fully grasped the Father's Love? He wants you to know that you are WORTH IT. YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL. YOU are worth the wait. You shouldn't settle for less than HIS BEST. He wants HIS story for you to sound better than a fairy tale.... 
Look to the Lord in this season...
Do you see his eyes? How tender & compassionate they look. Do you see his arms? Waiting for someone to hold..... Do you see his hands? Scared by man-Made for man.  Do you see his feet? The feet that walked that dusty road just for you. Do you see his plan for your life? it is beautiful. trust him. trust in HIM. He will never fail you. He wants more of you....He yearns for you to know him more. He WANTS you to know that you are LOVED. Loved with an unconditional love. This Love will never fail you..... This Love is not like any other love... it's eternal. 

I hope this Valentines Day-----> YOU FEEL LOVED. Not just by your friends & family, but by a GOD that LOVES His children.

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Here are my very special Valentine's cards made for ALL MY SINGLE LADIES.  -from Tristan[kinda] 
It says... "You are not only loved by a little prince, but by a King this Valentine's Day."


  1. what a sweet sweet story! your little family is just oh-so-precious!! hope you are having a wonderful valentine's day!

  2. How cute!! I love the little card!!! Love the post!!!

  3. I love what you had to say to the single ladies. Happy Valentines Day!

  4. I Love Your Story!! And Your Message Was Well
    Written ;)

  5. are adorable and i love your love story!!!

    and your wedding photos are gorgeous!

  6. Such a beautiful post on love. I love your story! You guys are too stinkin cute and so is your little boy. He is absolutely precious. I know God has someone in mind for me. He's just stuck in traffic like I posted in my last post :) Hope you guys had an absolutely awesome Valentine's Day. :) Your pictures are beautiful.

  7. PS-thanks for commenting on my blog. I appreciate the comments especially on the last one, because it was something I really needed to write about. Have a great week!


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