Team Jake.

It feels like I have waited for this Season FOREVER. It has only been months, but I knew that if Jake wasn't picked by the Bachelorette that he would be the next Bachelor. :) And so... HE IS!

Jake Pavelka. Here is the pilot that has the southern charm! :) 

I can't wait for MONDAY NIGHT! :) 




  1. Oh my goodness...You want to come to my house tomorrow night!?!??!?! And we can watch it together! I'm so excited...I'll have snacks!

  2. Typically, I am a Bachelor/Bachelorette fan, but I just cannot stand Jake! My gosh, I knew when he came parading back in the last season that he was fishing for the next spot and that just really annoyed me. I may still watch it--we'll see. But I wish they would've picked someone else. Dang it. :)

  3. @ Rae--> If I get my license renewed. I will be there! LOL!

    @ Em! Yes... He was DEFINITELY fishing for a spot. I think that's why I want to see what he does. Usually, When they pick someone from the Bachelorette season to be the next Bachelor, everyone ends up hating that guy! So... We shall seeee. :) I can't wait to watch to see who he is interested in. So Far, I like Elizabeth from Nebraska. (only from pictures, we shall see what she is like in person!!!!)


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