Sweeet Victory!

I did it, Ya'll! I didn't even have to take the written test or driving test! (AND ALL GOD'S lovely people said--AMMMEEENNN!)

Shout out to my sister, RACHEL for driving me there & driving T* around so he would stay content in the car while I ran in! Thanks, Big sis! :) You rockin' my world!

Funny Story* 

ALL of my family knows how much I DESPISE  taking tests-ANY TYPE of tests. I choke up and DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO WRITE, DO, SAY, ACT, SPEAK, etc. I am not kidding!

Don't believe me?

Confession: My 1st time going into take my ACT as a Junior. I had to go into the public school to take it. I studied & thought I was SOMEWHAT ready. I almost THREW up when I walked into the halls. I was SOOO nervous going into a new place where I didn't know anyone and I had to sit in a classroom that I wasn't use to and had to fill in these little circles that would DIRECT and CHANGE my future. 
At the very end of the test I (THANK GOD) looked over the front page(yes, where you fill out your name and information) and I saw that I spelt MY NAME WRONG. I QUICKLY erased what I wrote/filled in the little circles and corrected it. My mom came to pick me up and asked how I thought it went. I looked at her numbly and didn't even have the guts to tell her what HORROR had just taken place. It was when I got my results back that I knew I did horrible. 1-5. yes, a 15. I cried for days.... 

My sister called my dad and told him to pray for me... (like I said... they alllll know!)  My dad said, "OH NO! Lord, PLease don't let Beka feel like a failure when she fails it!" HAHAHA! Rachel told me that when I came out! I laughed so hard! :) And I still laugh now telling ya'll about it!

No need to feel like a failure... b/c I didn't fail.... I didn't even HAVE to take that stupid written test today!
Dinner is cooking on the stove & we are just 2 hours away from the Series Premiere of "THE BACHELOR."

 I hope your TV is set!!! I can't wait to blog about tonight and see what your thoughts are on this season!!


P.S. For all my dedicated  Vague HAIR beauties. ;) Mine didn't turn out too bad. I just went for the Blake Lively look. ;)

I do ADORE her hair & her. OOOHH... Just dreamin. :)


  1. OH MY WORD....I'm laughing so hard! Tears are streaming down my face and I was TRYING to read it to WIL and kept laughing. Halfway through (got to your ACT score) I had to take a break and head to the bathroom...I am 7 months pregnant...Anyway, LOVE the story! Check out my blog for pics of the event! :) Coming soon!

  2. Just stopping by to say hi! Thanks for checking out my photography!

  3. First time here. I saw that you joined my community, and wanted to stop by to say thank you! Hope to see you participate in some discussions. Congrats on the license!

    P.S. I am sad to admit I am watching the Bachelor as I type this. I am embarrassed for some of those women!

  4. YEAHHHH! :) Way to get your license...

    Ok, Melissa needs to LEAVE the bachelor.

  5. Great job on the license, cute picture! I'm not a test taker either, but you have me beat.

    Your blog just keeps getting cuter.



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