Scary Moments

Yesterday I was going to a friends house and I was just thinking about scary moments in life. We all have them.  We all have gone to the "What if" world... right? 

I was thinking about how scary it is to drive. That in a MOMENT my life could be taken. Then, I started to think about how wonderful it is to know that God watches over us. That He sends his angels to guard us. I had this picture in my mind of an angel pushing a car away from an oncoming car. It would have been fatal if the angel wouldn't have stepped in. 

Little did I know that that picture was my car. 

I was leaving my friends home and I saw the stop sign ahead. I thought to myself, "These roads are not good, I better start slowing down to make that stop sign!" I began to hit the brake, but then the worst car was beginning to lose control. I  began to pump my brakes.... nothing!  I was sliding RIGHT into the intersection..... I saw a semi & a car zoom on by so I thought... "THERE IS TRAFFIC COMING! I am going to get hit!"

 There I was... sliding into the intersection and I look to my left and there is a semi coming.... going rather fast.  My mind then said, "You are about to get hit. Tristan is in the car with you. Get ready!" But out of no where I decided to JERK to the right & then screamed "JESUS!!!"   My car begins to spin off on the side road. The Semi missed me by inches.  Pole was on my right. Semi on my left. I was completely sandwiched in. 

I was okay. I didn't get hit. I looked back to see if Tristan was okay. He was just cooing & playing with his toys. Somehow my car didn't get it. Somehow I was okay. Somehow Tristan & I were still alive. 

That "SOMEHOW" was God. He sent his angels right there to protect me & T. I am praising HIM today because of what HE did.

 He didn't have to save us, we could have been hit, but this means HE is not done with us yet. He wanted us to stay here and make some changes in the world. He wanted our VOICES to be heard. 


  1. WOW! Praise the Lord you were both okay. He is so good! Continue to shout His Praises!


  2. That is so scary to even HEAR your story about this! I had a bad car accident when I was 18 and flipped my car three times, crawled out the sunroof (my car was totalled)a truck found me on the side of the road and picked me up. Luckily all I had were some scrapes...but man it sure does make you think of how God is in control of EVERY situation and how LUCKY and blessed we are to live through every day! Safe driving my dear! :)

  3. Beka I can't even READ THIS without sobbing. I am THANKING GOd you are alright and BABY T!!! PTL!!!!!!!!

  4. OH MY GOODNESS! That is the GRACE of JESUS! SO GLAD YOU ARE ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Praising him along with you <3

  5. Beka! oh. my gosh. What a testament to God's love!! I am so thankful to God that he saved you 2! Love you & thanks for posting this!

  6. Thanking God! What an emotional story. So glad you two are okay!


  7. I had a very similar thing happen yesterday morning...but He was looking out for me too. So glad that you are both ok!! Hugs and prayers from RI.

  8. oh my gosh!! I'm so glad you're ok it's those kind of moments that make me wonder how there are people in the world who truly believe there is no God.

  9. OH MY GOODNESS How scary!!! So glad your ok

  10. Scary,but at the same time,so cool how God showed you and then intervened. Oh how real our God is!!! Praise Him that you and your baby are safe!

  11. O MY WORD! PRaise God you two are alright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Your story gave me chills. Praise Jesus! I was saved from what should've been a fatal crash when I was 17. (blogged about it recently, not sure if you would've seen it) God is so gracious to us! Praise God that He spared you and Tristan! I can't imagine the feelings of being faced with a possible crash and knowing your baby is in the backseat. Tears in my eyes... praising God for sparing both your lives!


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