Ooooooh Baby!

One of my best friends, Meghan & her husband, Casey are expecting their first baby in April. They are having a GIRL! Tristan's little PAL! We are very anxious to see this little baby girl.

Here are couple of my favorite shots.

A little glimpse of the nursery.


What a fun time I had taking & editing these pictures!

I love my friends!!!!


  1. How exciting! I love your photos!!!

  2. I love these!!! They are so good, have you been doing photography long? Very nice :)

  3. OH MY how precious! Wish you were closer so you could take pics of my brood.Lol

  4. I love the pregnancy pictures with the ribbon (do not open unitl April 12, and to the Mallory's from god) how cute and creative.

  5. Oh how fabulous. You just make me look good!!


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