New Look.

 Do you smell that? Yep. Yep. Yep. I sure do. That's the smell of a clean slate.  It's FRESH air coming in around you.... The light sun gently heading your way.... Everything is WHITE around you.... clean... no marks... no spots....... W-H-I-T-E... Yep.....

It's that time of year.... It's time for a MAKEOVER. Aw, yes.... let the fun begin....

I am working/reconstructing on my blog. So you may see some NEW things  popping up every once in a while. :)

This week has just FLOOOOOWN on by. There is so much going on that is exciting this next week.

1. T* gets dedicated tomorrow at church. (yes. there WILL be betchya!)

2. I am going to be taking some pictures of my sister, Libby & her husby! FUN STUFF!

3. Tomorrow is my Bible Study Group at church.  I have really come to enjoy it so much! There are about 15 women each week and we are going through the book, "Calm my Anxious Heart."

4. My Bff, Jamie, gets home and she has LOTSSS to fill me in on. :) She went to KC this past week to see her sister & nephews & to meet a certain young man. :) OOOH! I love LOVE. Yes. Yes, I do!

5. Student Convention is coming up! I will be helping in the music department at my old school these next couple months. Student Convention is our little schools "State" Competition in Macomb, Illinois. They go and compete in different categories! Examples: Music, Drama, Athletic, Arts & Crafts, etc.  It was my favorite time of year when I was in school. I loved every little thing, even the crazy dress code.  I loved going shopping and TRYING to find the things we were suppose to wear.  It was always a HUNT!

Here are some pictures of my New Years Eve. It was a small group of us, but we had a WONDERFUL time!!

Z* & B*.

Happy New Year, Ya'll!



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