Making your House- A Home.

What a beautiful morning it is here in Iowa. WOW. The sky looks so beautiful. The sun is coming through a little. It is just SO beautiful & I can feel a little heat from the sun!!!
 No, I didn't say warm, although it is suppose to be a high of 30 this week. BRING IT ON!
 It will feel like SPRING is in the air.

I talked with one of my best friends who lives in California with her family & it is in the 70's there.
What's that Lord? You want us to move ?

Just kiddin. :) I love my Camelot too much to do that.

I didn't get a chance to blog this past weekend, due to helping our dear friends, Bethany & Shawn move into their brand new house. :) It is just gorgeous! They had it built and I was just envying the kitchen.
Pictures coming soon.

 I started  organizing my pictures yesterday. I am getting ready for the BIG "cleanse" of unwanted pictures. I actually gave Gabby, my brother in law's GF, 3 of my albums that I emptied. It felt like a burden was lifted from my shoulders. Whew. Now to just keep going. What is it with throwing away pictures that I loathe so much? I want to keep all of them. Sometimes I even make a couple of "Random Pictures" page to just keep them. Not. Any. more. i hope.

Don't you just love making your house a HOME? I sure do. Since we have purchased our home this past  November, I feel like doing so many different things to it. We have plans for this summer to redo the kitchen. I cannot wait for that day to slap some paint on it and "distress" some things around it.

I need your input... I want to know what you do to add the special touches to your house to make it a home...
What is one thing you do to make your house a home? 
or 2 or 3. 


  1. Things that make OUR house OUR home;
    1. SMELLS - get a smell you love - a warm, calming one is what I chose and it makes you love your home.

    2. WARM COMFORTS- blankets, pillows, cozy couch, warm beds... esp. in winter it just seems like you want to warm up!!

    3. GROW - a place where we can be ourselves and grow... :)

    4. PICTURES - where you can remember things!

    5. SCRIPTURE- What God has brought you through..

    I could go on and on...:)

  2. Because my husband and I are preparing to go on the mission field, we are well acquainted with living in transition. We have lived in 6 homes over our 2 years of marriage! One thing I always do, is put up my pictures! They always make me feel at home! And I always make my bed look like my own. I have a couple gorgeous decorative pillows that are just so me! It's very important to me to (as quickly as possible) add my personal touches to wherever we are. I feel like once the pillows and pictures and curtains are in place, I can breathe. I'm still praying and hoping for one day when I can settle long enough to paint a wall! That's my personal dream ;)

  3. for us it's certain scents, soft blankets on the couch, personal touches like pictures of the two of us and our crazy dog, and things that I've made. Of course right now we're in an apartment looking to buy our first house. So I'm sure that things like personal paint colors will come up after we purchase our home.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. Can't wait to read more of yours.

  4. Paint colors on the walls...lots and lots of personal pictures...candles always burning just to name a few of my favs. Thanks for the following. I am loving your blog and can't wait to read more. PS. I hear the Lord calling us to 70* weather too. LOL!

  5. OOhh my favorite topic. Their are many many things I do to make our house a home but my favorites involve FOOD!!!! Cooking big meals, having the smells travel all thru the house and then joining together at our big table to eat (and invite others of coarse) Opening our home to others makes our home more loved!

  6. pictures!! and the people in the home make it a home. my hubby and I have lived a gazillion different places being missionaries, and we finally bought a house this past summer too... I am eager to paint but I think what I love most is that there is no one upstairs or downstairs to hear me if I wanna do my aerobic pilates at midnight! =) By the way...there is an award for you at my blog...

  7. b-

    I love you. I love your blog. I have tried to get so many of my friends to get blogs & they refuse! How lame is that? It's so sad!

    Thanks for your input on my entry! I do edit a lot of pictures- & I make pages for this magazine that I am apart of! you should check out the website & look at the pages I have made! &I also designed the website! But I have been wanting to maybe start making my own cards & I forgot about that! THANKS! Your blog always encourages me to be myself & I LOVE THAT!

    Now.... making a house a home is so presh! ..........I like what all of these people said, pictures...paint... I've never been to your house- but I am sure your house is beaming with warmth & love! Smell is a big one for me- I love changing the smell of our home with the seasons! Armoas really are so powerful! The Holy Spirit I'm sure is comforting people as they walk through the door of your home!

    & I'm pretty sure just like me that you love RUSTIC CHIC! It makes things so pretty but inviting! PILLOWS PILLOWS PILLOWS! Lots of pretty pillows- even in the colors don't "go together" i find that pretty does go together so it always looks good!

    I LOVE YOU! & I need to talk to you!

  8. p.s.! I LOVE YOUR SIGNATURE! It is so cute! I got mine at if you ever want to switch it up- they have SO many different varieties you can make!

  9. ok haha! p.s.s. FRESH FLOWERS!


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