Hellooooo Officer.

This past Friday, my husband & I went to Waterloo for some shopping & lunch at The Olive Garden.(mmm!) We had  a WONDERFUL time! Since we live in IOWA, "The LAND of the ICE & SNOW & Negative temperatures!" A man on the radio came on and said there was a windchill advisory and it was going to be getting VERY COLD around 6. And I quote, "If you can avoid being outside, do it! Stay inside where it is nice and warm!" Well, We had Tr* with us, so we wanted to be sure to be home by that time! We made it all the way home and I pulled into our home street when I noticed a police car with his lights on. Interesting, I thought... I haven't been pulled over in quite some time. I knew I wasn't speeding because I am a much better driver now that Tristan has entered my world.  I pull the car over and the officer walks up and tells me, "This car was reported stolen." I knew at that moment that if he saw my face when I heard that sentence, I LOOKED guilty. No joke. I looked at Zach and was so confused. Z* said, "Really?" Like the Officer was playing some joke on us. Well, Z* pulled out his dealership insurance(my Z* sells cars, so we were in the dealership car!) and handed it to the officer. We then both gave him our license.

He came back & told us that he ran the plates wrong. (he felt stupid-i could see that on his face) I told him it was no problem. He then handed back my license & said, "But you have an expired license!" Once again my face probably looked terrified!!! It all hit me when he said that. I was going to renew my license, but I had T*. My birthday is September 19th. T*'s is the 5th. I completely forgot about it after having Tristan. 

So, today I have to go drive with the D.O.T. at least I hope its that.... I don't want to take a written test! okay. So I don't want to take either.....But I had to drive with the D.O.T. before, but I failed the 1st time. (worst 16th birthday ever!!!!)  That's another story.... 

Anyway, I will be going with my sister, Rachel today to renew it. Ohhh the joy!

Confession: I have an expired license.

Confession: I am worried about my hair for this picture. It's my day to wash it, but I do not own a blow dryer. I guess the grunge look can maybe be okay?



  1. I'm COMING! :) OH the stories!

  2. Oh my Beka! What an adventure! I am sure you will look great! ;)

  3. Just stumbled across your blog from Mrs. Southern Bride. :)

    Hahahaha. . .
    I always freaked out over having new pictures taken for my licenses...and then the last time I went in there, just to have my name changed, they decided to take another picture -- and I looked terrible and had been out in the rain. I guess that should be a lesson to me about being vain...LOL

  4. I love Olive Garden!! :)

    I'm always worried about my hair for DL pictures...they are just no fun! lol

  5. Hey ladies!
    Thanks so much for commenting! :)
    @Anne I felt sooo vain today. :)

    The lady before me today that was renewing her license said when she saw her picture... " Well, If I don't look like I got out of a prison!!!"

    I think everyone hates to take their picture--if only they gave us choices!!!! I felt like ANTM where they only got "1 shot" to get it right! :) haha.


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