5 things that make me feel pretty glamorous. 

1. Lip Gloss. 

Reasoning: I might not wear this every day, but let me tell you, when I need to do a quick BOOST of self esteem. I grab my  $1 tube of plumper and BAM. In seconds I go from "No Lips Fox" to a Foxy Jolie wanna be.

2. Sunglasses.

Reasoning: The power of a good pair of sunglasses. I have 2 different kinds. 1 is in my bag & my 2nd pair is in Tristan's Vintage Nike Diaper bag. (my just in case shades)  It does not matter what your hair looks like when you have a pair of these babies on. When I put my shades on I feel like I just was asked to be Jack Baur's side kick. WATCH OUT!

3. Hats.
Reasoning: Even these celebrities know what a hat can do to your look. Any type of hat. I have a box full of my hats. I am a hat collecter.  It also helps for those running late days..... hides anything! 

4. Scarves. 
Reasoning: This little accessory is one of my favorites. I love wearing them all different ways. I just feel so cozy when I am wearing one. My favorite one that I own is my "Scotch Tape" scarf. I have certain names for for scarves for my husband to know which one I am talking about if he needs to grab it for me. 
Example: Paris Scarf, Scotch Tape scarf, BW scarf, etc. 

5.  A big ol' bag.

 Reasoning: I love bags.(obviously, if you read my entry on my BAG. If not- click HERE Ever since I was a little girl I have always carried with me a bag. When I would go to the grocery store I would ask my mom to ask the lady at the counter for a little brown bag.  Yep! I still to this day love little brown bags. Small treasure in my life.  Powerful memory. 

Now I want to go shopping.....

Happy Wednesday!

*Going to prepare to  lead worship tonight for our church....


  1. I agree about all of those things!!

  2. I am definitely a hat girl (I have a collection) And I LOVE big bags. Purses and Bags are my favorite. I also have a collection of sunglasses thanks to my mother, but I can't wear them in the winter in Michigan, it looks weird.

  3. I love all those things!!! Sun glasses are the best, and I am so looking for a hat for the spring!

  4. bahaha! Beka, you make me laugh!! You are glamourous! :)

  5. love, loved this post. agree with all of it. and p.s. WHERE WHERE WHERE did you buy $1 plumper? get back to me girl, because i'm gonna be gettin me some! haha i had a nightmare of a dye job today and popped on a trendy hat and voila.. i suddenly went from feeling like a walking train walk to GLAMOROUS! your post reminded me yet again that hats can truly save the day ;)

  6. I'm definitely with you on the lipgloss and sunglasses! Fun post :)

  7. Now I want to go SHOPPING!!!!! LOL I am feeling the need for a couple of hats, as a new momma I have had too many bad hair days that are also going out days... However I am like Rachel, I love that thought of accesories but can't ever get comfotable with them so I chose not to wear/use any! scarves, my neck is too short.. lol And I love lipgloss and wear it if my daughters haven't run off with it and it is actually where it belongs!


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